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OLDIES SUNDAY: General Trees – Minibus (1985)

How are you doing today? It’s Oldies Sunday! Today’s selection goes out to those who are always on the move via public transportation. We go back in time to check out General Trees’Minibus“!

Produced by Jack Scorpio and released through his Black Scorpio label in 1985, General Trees deejays about a great shift in public transportation in “Minibus”. For years Jamaicans would travel on the “Jolly Bus” or “Country Bus“, but the advent of the Minibus gave way to a newer way to ride in the public transport system. General Trees’ gave an account of his experience traveling on one, and he detailed it from seeing how people behaved after the change in the public transport system, how he was treated before even taking a Bus in Kingston, and the various episodes he went through before arriving at his destination in Westmoreland. The song was originally previewed at a few of General Trees’ performances, and was instantly a favourite, prompting him to record the official version with Jack Scorpio. The song also borrowed from the 1955 modern-folk song “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?“.

“Minibus” created history since its release as it was the first Dancehall song to go number 1 in 1985 was awarded “Song Of The Year” by the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC), and its Llewellyn O’Reggio-directed music video was the first award-winning Jamaican music video (the video helped to birth a “Best Music Video” category for Jamaican award shows that followed). It was safe to say “Minibus” was quite the hit, and opened up the floor for General Trees to secure more hit songs. Since then, General Trees went on to have a following in the early 1990s, but was not able to match up the popularity from the 80s. He suffered a few health issues later down, but still made his presence be felt wherever he went. “Minibus” will continue to be one of his greatest works.

Thank You General Trees For This Classic!

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OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): Phillip Fraser – Rub A Dub Christmas (1985)

It’s that time of the year where Mariah Carey earns another US$5Million, and the kitchens will be at its busiest. It’s Christmas time on Oldies Sunday. Today’s entry comes from Recording Artist Phillip Fraser as he gets us in the holiday spirit with “Rub A Dub Christmas“!

Produced by Ossie Thomas and Phillip Morgan and released through Tuff Gong in 1985, Phillip Fraser kicks off some Dancehall vibes on “Rub A Dub Christmas”. Phillip Fraser shared that he dreams of a Christmas that’s different from the one he grew up on, that entails many components of Dancehall. He also shared that he wants every Christmas to be filled with joy, goodness, unity, and love! “Rub A Dub Christmas” was featured on the “Rub-A-Dub Christmas” Compilation album from 1985, and was enjoyed by listeners during that time.

Since the release of “Rub A Dub Christmas”, Phillip Fraser, who was enjoying a successful career as a Recording Artist and Producer, went on to release more music, and produce for various Artists. He has inspired many Artists, and is still actively touring, and performing some of his hits. Get your Dancehall Christmas ready with this track, and Merry Christmas when it comes!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Peter Metro – Police In A Jamaica (1985)

If it’s one thing that Jamaican Artists will speak out against in their music apart from the Government, is the Police force. In 2021, it’s still a popular subject as there are many members of the force who overstep their boundaries, and are at times a part of the corruption. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Peter Metro with his single, “Police In A Jamaica“.

Produced by Hyman Wright and Percy Chin for the Jah Life Time Label on the “Answer Riddim” in 1985, Peter Metro recalls an encounter with the Police on an outing with fellow Deejay Nicodemus. Their adventure begins when the Artists were traveling from Old Harbour in a rental while Nicodemus was smoking Marijuana. The interactions that followed are similar to what many face to this day. While the Jamaica Constabulary Force may show off feel good videos on Social Media today, it doesn’t put a wool over the eyes of those who experience daily harassment and injustice from members of the force. “Police In A Jamaica” was a hit for Peter Metro, and it birthed a follow up titled “Police In England” in 1986. Be careful out there.

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Barrington Levy’s “Broader Than Broadway” Featured In New “The Harder They Fall” Trailer

The minute you start watching this trailer for the upcoming Netflix Film, “The Harder They Fall“, you’ll hear that easily recognizable “Here I come” line from the legendary Barrington Levy. Once again, Jamaican music has popped up in something that we know many are going to love. Black Cowboys are the order of the day in this Jeymes Samuel directed Film starring Regina King, Delroy Lindo, Idris Elba, Jonathon Majors, and many more!

As previously mentioned, music from Barrington Levy was featured in the form of a remixed version of his 1985 classic, “Broader Than Broadway” a.k.a. “Here I Come“. Produced by Paul “Jah Screw” Love, the single was released through the Thunderbolt Label, and is one of Levy’s biggest hits to date. Also featured in the trailer for “The Harder They Fall” (which borrows a lyric from another Jamaican Icon, Jimmy Cliff from his 1972 classic, “The Harder They Come), is Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti’s 1971 track, “Let’s Start” featuring Ginger Baker. Mount up when “The Harder They Fall” is released in Fall/Autumn 2021! Shoodilley-waddliley-diddley-diddley woh-oh-oh

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OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): Uglyman – Christmas Boogie (1985)

For the Christmas holiday season, one thing that many look forward to other than the gifts and food, is the party. Jamaica hosts their share of street dances, office parties, and concerts every December, and they all turn out to be successful. Today, despite Covid 19 restrictions, we’d like to make you rock from wherever you are with the Oldies Sunday selection, Uglyman’sChristmas Boogie“!

Produced by Harry “Big J” Johnson in 1985 for the 10 Roosevelt Ave label on the “Three Blind Mice Riddim“, Uglyman comes through “fi nice up di session” with his commanding, and ability to effortlessly ride the Riddim. This one is for the lovers of 80s Dancehall, those who miss the grinding in the corner of the dance while sipping on a Guinness or Dragon Stout, and for those who looked forward to enjoying themselves to the fullest on Christmas Eve a.k.a. “Grand Market Night“. This song is for you and yours, enjoy it wherever you are safely. Covid is still present, please stay protected. This marks our last entry in Christmas songs for December. We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and we’ll see you here soon for another Oldies Sunday selection.

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