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.@StichieDon x @TheRealRampage Team Up On “Unsolved Mysteries”!

“I’m from a place where crimes are never solved…”

The United States has some of the most recognized places in the world, and it is nothing short of experiences whether good or bad. It is home to many Immigrants who share their cultures over the years. Today, Rapper/DJ Stichie Don and legendary Rapper Rampage who share Caribbean backgrounds, speak on where they’re from on “Unsolved Mysteries“. Produced by DubLab Productions, the duo share their experiences over some hard hitting beat that’ll have you thinking you’re on the corner in the 90’s. From hustling days to seeing crime and corruption, they share stories that many others have seen in the places they call home. Stichie Don plans to follow up with an EP titled “Hard Doe Bread” which will be released later this year. Check out the track below, and show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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@MainlyMali & @MeLoXTRA Give Us The Summertime Vibe In “Hoity Toity”!

This is for the bad gyal, rude gyal, cute gyal, stush gyal, new gyal dem! New York based Artists Alex Mali and MeLo X (of the duo Electric Punanny) bring the Caribbean vibes in their new single and video, “Hoity Toity“! Produced by Ninease, Alex and MeLo deliver a fun song that’ll have you thinking about the Summer cookouts, the block parties, the Caribbean parades, and the new fashion for the season. The video, directed by Thrice Cooked Media however, brings all the elements from those into one colourful, flag waving, gun finger saluting, Caribbean backyard party! While Alex brings the melody, MeLo brings the deejaying and they spread that Island love to the world! For those not up to speed, “Hoity Toity” is Jamaican (or mainly Caribbean) term for being a snob, or bougie/bourgeoisie. If you a bad gyal, please back it up like a Dumpa Truck! Keep this on rotation as the cold time creeps up for that instant heat! Check out “Hoity Toity” below!

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NEW VIDEO: @DreggaeMusic x @AnnieInTheWater – It’s Not Over (Acoustic)

DreggaeIt’s been a minute since we’ve gotten new material from Dreggae but today he makes up for lost time. In collaboration with NY based band Annie In The Water. Remixing his “It’s Not Over” track and giving it an acoustic feel with AITW’s Brad Hester and shot by Duane G. of MQ Productions in Little 5 Points in Atlanta, we’re treated to a street performance where Brad plays the tunes and delivers the chorus while Dreggae delivers his lyrics for the people to hear. Love this visual, the location is colourful and the song was well delivered. The only thing missing was a guitar case open for change (haha!). What do you think of the video? Check it out below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @HopDaGreat682 – What Happened?


In recognition of Black History Month, NY rapper HopDaGreat released a new video. Titled “What Happened?” and directed by L.E.S. Davis, Hop raps about the black inventors who created some wonderful inventions that we use daily. Not bad and I’m sure you all will like it as well. Check the quote by Marcus Garvey at the beginning. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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