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.@ZallyBuff Defends The Women In “Mother Of The Earth” Single!

This goes out to all the Women as Recording Artist Zally has a message for you! Showing his appreciation, he releases his new single, “Mother Of The Earth“! Produced by Grab Dem Records, Zally calls out those who abuse Women, highlights the wonderful and important things a Woman can do, and places them on the highest pedestal. With Women going through so much in life and in the World, Zally makes his contribution and spreading the good message of treating them right. Armed with a rugged delivery and thought provoking lyrics, Florida based Zally seeks to release his latest project, “Call On Jah” on February 1st on all major online Digital Retailers. Go hug your Mother, Aunt, Grandmother, Girlfriend, every Woman you can hug today! Check out Zally’s track below.

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OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): @Mutabaruka_Ja – Postpone Christmas (1983)

Season’s Greetings! We’re back with another Holiday themed Oldies Sunday! Stepping in with a selection is the one and only, Media Personality/Activist/Dub Poet/Author Mutabaruka! We go back to the year 1983 with “Postpone Christmas“! Produced by Earl “Chinna” Smith, this was released through the High Times Label. In the song, Muta speaks on those living pay cheque to pay cheque, poverty, those spending more than they earn, crime and violence, and calls for the postponement of the season until things are better. He puts the spotlight on issues that still affect many to this day and around this time of the year. Not your typical Christmas song, but something to think about. We hope you enjoyed our selection, please tune in next Sunday for another in the series! Big up Mutabaruka, lyrics like a Bazooka!

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Need New Music? @KxngIzem Invites You To “24 Eden Garden, Kingston 10”

If you need some of that “Message Music” that can make you move, then you know we got you covered with this next Artist. Meet Dmitri Izem, who is based in Kingston, and aims to help you free your mind with his debut project, “24 Eden Garden, Kingston 10“! Comprised of 16 tracks, Dmitri speaks on the day to day struggles in society, Social Media, relationship issues, his Rastafarian faith, and of course helping listeners to be more conscious. With some great production that greatly compliment his strong lyrics and the quotes he sprinkles throughtout, this project is definitely one to keep nearby. Artwork by Richard Natoo. Escape from the ills of society, and the oppression, and all that want to break you, have a listen to “24 Eden Garden, Kingston 10” below!

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NEW MUSIC: @RasI_Musique – Bad Boy Bully

An Artist who has been featured previously on here, and is known to deliver awesome live performances, Ras-I continues to create his own wave with the release of “Bad Boy Bully“. Produced by Majah Label Music Group, Ras-I flows effortlessly over a chill Reggae Production and states that time is longer than rope for those who pick up the “bad boy” lifestyle. A song that delivers an groovy number with a conscious vibe, “Bad Boy Bully” will be a joy to listen to live. Get familiar with the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE: JahZ I Lee Looks Forward To A Shining Career

Ever since he was very young, Munhaire Lee had dreams of becoming a recording artiste. At the launch of his career, the rising star has released two songs, “Love Yours Refix” (Beauty in the Struggle) by J. Cole featuring himself and “Low Me Mek Me Live”. He adopted the moniker JahZ I Lee, a name that reflects his Rastafarian roots, and gives an insight into his style of music. Jah Z I see himself as an artiste painting a picture with his realistic words of wisdom.

“Music is the most viable medium to convey a message. Having an infinite imagination one begins to compose record and perform. If something is repeated, it then becomes a routine, if that routine is loved then it also becomes a passion” expressed JahZ I. Both songs were produced by Michael “Jagga” Barracks, Askelle and Brown Chopz from the Vision House Family, and Mark Cine Enigma. So far, JahZ I has been receiving tremendous feedback from both songs as they are regarded and greatly applauded for their deeply resonating and truly reflective themes.

“My response thus far has exceeded my expectations, there’s always that one fan that will come up to me and tell me how much they enjoy listening to my music. It is a joy to hear how my audience has taken to my music, and the great thing is I aim to offer difference in my approach. Some time ago my PR Manager, Susan Smith of Powerhouse Global Media, said to me that the world needs my talent and originality and those are words that have stayed with me.”

The upcoming sensation looks forward to a shining career in music and is currently busy in the studio cooking up a storm.

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Make The @PeterTosh Memorial Garden A National Historic Landmark!

Recently, the Estate of the late Peter Tosh released a petition in efforts to have the Jamaican Tourist Board and the Government of Jamaica register The Peter Tosh Memorial Garden a National Historic Landmark. The Museum, located in Belmont, Westmoreland, was erected to preserve the life and legacy of the late Musician and original member of The Wailers. The Estate believes that recognizing the Museum as a Historic Landmark will protect it for generations as Tosh was an advocate for the legalization of Marijuana, fought for Equal Rights, and further expanded Jamaica’s Music and Culture.

Peter Tosh was born in Grange Hill, Westmoreland in 1944 and was known as a Musician, Reggae Artist, and Activist. He was a core member of The Wailers along with the late Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer where he received much success before embarking a solo career. He has collaborated with the likes of Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones and recorded many great songs including “Stepping Razor“, “Legalize It“, “Johnny B Goode“, and penned songs such as “Get Up, Stand Up” and “400 Years” for The Wailers. Peter Tosh died on September 11, 1987 as a result of a home invasion. He was posthumously awarded the Order Of Merit in October 2012.

The Peter Tosh Memorial Garden petition can be found here.

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