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Sizzla Brings His Melodies Out On “All This Time”!

Jamaican Music Icon Sizzla Kalonji has been having a year filled with many positive moments. Recently however, his name has been thrown in some controversy with International DJ/Producer DJ Khaled. No matter what though, Sizzla always manages to churn out great music. He takes things to a different level on the single, “All This Time“.

Produced in collaboration with Space Age Rasta of Lead Out Productions and Kalonji Music Productions, Sizzla gets into some Reggae/R&B vibes here. With his signature melodies handy, he belts out nothing but lyrics of love for his Queen on “All This Time”. The new single comes in time for the holidays, and this one is recommended for all the couples at this time. Sizzla has been busy taking the stage these past few days, and fans can look forward to him singing and deejaying the hits in a town near you in the coming days! Dedicate “All This Time” to your person today!

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Sizzla’s “Wrath” Single Goes Viral On @TikTok_US!

Social Media platform TikTok has been the go-to for many Content Creators and Musicians to gain viral success, and grow their following. Earlier this year, we highlighted Dancehall Artist Shenseea’sPon Mi” becoming a fixture thanks to a series of remixes on TikTok, now Dancehall/Reggae Recording Artist Sizzla Kalonji is gaining a new audience thanks to his 2004 single “Wrath” becoming a trending sound.

Produced by the late Daniel “Blaxxx” Lewis, and Andrew Bradford a.k.a. Dancehall Artist Buccaneer on the “Blackout Riddim“, “Wrath” was Sizzla in one of his most aggressive states. The song’s content dealt with being on guard at all times, Sizzla avoiding becoming a target for Law Enforcement, and various individuals and groups who wish for his demise, and it quickly became a hit for the Artist.

This past Summer, Tiktoker Kalise Brooks used Sizzla’s “Wrath” line “Me nuh waan no r***cl**t man back a me” for a video sharing her displeasure for her partner wanting to be a part of her “Girls’ Night Out, and it quickly took off. With over 720 videos released, “Wrath” was used by the likes of Comedian Babajaay, Sheneik The Menace, Educator/Recording Artist/Actor SirPlus, and Recording Artist 1Bynz all sharing hilarious scenarios. If you’ve been enjoying the content, let us know your favourite ones.

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Kalise Brooks, the Creator of the TikTok trend, shared how it all came about.

I was just at home and Sizzla’s voice came to me with the concept. I asked my son what he thought about it and he said, ‘Yes mommy that’s funny, you should do it’. So I did it, and my son edited it and uploaded it up for me lol…and I kept seeing a lot of people liking it and commenting, and then he said, ‘Mommy people using your sound!’. I found out through a friend that your Article about the trend was featured on (IG) @Augusttown876’s page. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Blessed love for the highlight.

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DJ Khaled ft. Bounty Killa, Sizzla, Buju Banton, Capleton, Skillibeng - These Streets Know My Name on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Reggae #Music #13thStreetPromotions #DJKhaled #GodDid #BountyKilla #Sizzla #Capleton #BujuBanton #Skillibeng #TheseStreetsKnowMyName #Caribbean

.@DJKhaled Unites Skillibeng, Bounty Killa, Capleton, Buju, & Sizzla For “These Streets”!

DJ Khaled has finally released his new album, “God Did“. This marks Khaled’s 13th studio album, and it has plenty for the listener to consume. With some of your favourite Artists featured, you know Khaled had to check in with Jamaica for the album. After weeks of previews, he finally released the visual for his Jamaican collaboration titled, “These Streets Know My Name“!

Co-directed with Ivan Berrios, DJ Khaled brings together longtime friends Sizzla, Bounty Killa, Capleton, and Buju Banton, and introduces Dancehall Artist Skillibeng to the fold. Together, we get an exhibition of lyricism and that energy that only Jamaicans can deliver. With the veterans doing what they do best, Skillibeng holds his own, highlighting that the old school and new school can make something special. DJ Khaled’s inclusion of Jamaican Artists on his albums aren’t new, and some of the features have made multiple appearances. We’re curious to know who’s next on the list for Khaled’s next album.

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Sizzla Announces New “Rise Up” Album!

Jamaican Music Icon Sizzla Kalonji continues to display an immaculate work ethic through the release of singles, and albums. While fellow Artists would find themselves enjoying holidays and taking breaks from the Studio, Sizzla taps into his passion of creating timeless music to bring the people together, with no sense of fatigue. The past few months has kept the Reggae/Dancehall Icon busy, but he keeps on pushing. With his upcoming album, “Rise Up”, he continues to share his passion with the world.

Featuring 12 tracks and production by Kalonji Music Production and Blaqk Sheep Music, “Rise Up” will find Sizzla Kalonji giving you his signature sounds and melodies, with uplifting lyrics that will tap into your consciousness. With so many things going on in the world today, Sizzla provides the kind of music that will keep you centered, positive, and focused. Announced on July 1, which is recognized as International Reggae Day, Sizzla continues his role as an Ambassador for Reggae music to let the people know that greatness is on the way. “Rise Up” is one of the many releases this year, and he plans to release content in support of the upcoming album. Sizzla Kalonji is also gearing up to take Reggae music on the big stage later this month at Reggae Sumfest in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay.

Sizzla Kalonji’s “Rise Up” album will be available to the public on July 22, and is now available for pre-save on all digital music streaming platforms. Listeners who pre-save the album will instantly receive a copy of the track, “We Pray”.

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Sizzla's historic "Reggae Month" Concert on #Jamaica #ReggaeMonth2022 #Sizzla #Caribbean

Sizzla Kalonji Takes Centerstage At Historic Reggae Month 2022 Concert!

There are many Reggae Artists, but there is ONE Sizzla Kalonji. With a career spanning nearly 30 years, Sizzla has been one of the biggest contributors to Jamaica’s music culture, providing new sounds, a different energy, and of course timeless hits. His career is nothing short of amazing, but his next move proved to be historical. Last night (February 26), Sizzla took centerstage with his “Rise To The Occasion” concert during Reggae Month 2022!

Backed by a 35 piece Reggae Orchestra which was conducted by the iconic Ibo Cooper and arranged by famed Composer Jon Williams, the legendary Dean Fraser and his All-Star Band, and joined by the L’Acadco Dance Force, we were tuned in to Sizzla giving us the many reasons why he is one of Jamaica’s music legends. Hit after hit, the music flowed beautifully, and Sizzla was in top form. With Sizzla being the first Reggae/Dancehall Artist to perform with a 35 piece Orchestra, this will definitely pave the way for more Artists to expand their Artistry and creativity. Let this Concert be one that we will remember forever. In case you missed it, we got you!

*If you know who took the photo in our featured image, please let us know so we can credit him/her.


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Sizzla Is Still “On A High”, Makes New Developments At Judgement Yard

To say that Jamaican music Icon Sizzla is a busy man is an understatement. With numerous singles and albums to date, Sizzla has made good use of the opportunities he has been given in music. His Humanitarian works and Community Development has further solidified him as a man of the people, and an example to follow for years to come.

 Sizzla continues to ride high off of the success of his latest album, “On A High”. Released in August 2021, the album has further solidified Sizzla as one of the hardest working artists in Reggae, and his knack for creating quality music never took a break. With the title track and “Crown On Your Head” helping to push “On A High” to more ears and speakers around the world, the album has been praised by fellow artists and members of the music fraternity, and was shown an enormous amount of love on social media. The album has been featured on the top rated “The Ebro Show” on Apple Music, and was featured through various entertainment programs and mix shows across the Caribbean, Africa, and various parts of the world.

When Sizzla gives the studio time to rest, he is hard at work making plans, and pushing forward development at Judgement Yard Community Centre in August Town, St. Catherine. He is currently overseeing and giving a helping hand in numerous projects as a part of community’s “Musicville” area including a man-made river, a swimming pool, a learning centre, a restaurant, a new state of the art recording studio, and other structures. Sizzla is still making a difference with the “Sizzla Youth Foundation” initiative, and continues to unite the people and inspire others to uplift and develop their communities.

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