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.@valiant__Music Connects With Tommy Lee Sparta On “Guzu Bunx/Fada Rock”!

Dancehall Artist Valiant continues to keep his name hot in the streets thanks to his viral hits “Dunce Cheque” and “Speed Off“. Now is his time to dominate, and he’s not letting the foot off the gas anytime soon. With the holiday parties just around the corner, he wants the people dancing to “Guzu Bunx/Fada Rock“!

Featuring incarcerated Dancehall Artist Tommy Lee Sparta, Valiant connects with the Sparta Boss for a vibe here. Their collaborations were long coming, and they did not disappoint here. With a music video directed by KhingCam, it’s a party, and everyone’s invited. While Tommy Lee is noticeably absent, Valiant sports a “Free Tommy Lee Sparta” t shirt to show respect. If you’re ready to learn a few dance moves, get familiar with the Guzu Bunx and Fada Rock today! Kotch e hat responsibly.

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Skeng x Tommy Lee Sparta "Protocol 2" on #Jamaica #SpanishTown #MontegoBay #Dancehall #Music #TommyLeeSparta #Skeng #Protocol #Protocol2 #Caribbean

Tommy Lee Sparta & Skeng Unleash Havoc On “Protocol 2” Collab!

In 2021, Dancehall Artist Tommy Lee Sparta collaborated with an emerging Artist named Skeng. Together, they released a single called “Protocol“, and Skeng’s life changed even more. “Protocol” became a standout track for the two, one of Tommy Lee’s best collaborations, and Skeng found himself getting endorsed from some of the top Artists including Rapper Nicki Minaj, who then gave him a few big opportunities in the following months. In 2022, Skeng and Tommy Lee Sparta look to cause another ruckus with “Protocol 2“!

Produced by Dre Swade Production/Boss Lady Muzik, “Protocol 2” finds Tommy Lee Sparta and Skeng loading up even more guns. The Mobay Sparta boss and the Spanish Town Don secured another hit collab, and fans will give this one even more love. The Yaad Boiiz directed visual finds Skeng repping Sparta while Tommy Lee Sparta is incarcerated, with the rest of the Sparta crew securing the ends. While “Protocol” did a lot of damage, “Protocol 2” is here for another round.

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Tommy Lee Sparta - "Short List" video for #Jamaica #Dancehall #TommyLeeSparta

Tommy Lee Sparta Gets Animated For Action Packed “Short List” Video

Happy New Year everyone! 2021 was a challenging year for some of us, but we look forward to 2022 being a more positive and progressive one for everyone. We start off the new year with new content as usual, and today we put you on to a new music video from Tommy Lee Sparta for the single, “Short List“.

Giving Tommy Lee Sparta the animated treatment is Animotionz with direction by Shella Topstar. We get an action packed clip for “Short List”, as it’s one of the more popular tracks off of the 2021 “Transition” double album. After seeing this animated visual, we hope after Tommy Lee is free, we can get to see him being a part of some Independent action films. How are you celebrating the new year? We thank you for being a part of our 2021, and we look forward to your support this year!

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.@Killy Calls Up @TommyLeeSparta For The “Love Prison” Track

He may be currently incarcerated, but Tommy Lee Sparta’s music continues to see the light. He possesses a strong work ethic, and his fans benefit greatly as a result. While International collaborations are nothing new to him, he recently teamed up with Toronto based Rapper Killy on the track, “Love Prison“.

Produced by Khalil Tatem (Killy), Killy and Tommy Lee Sparta get into war mode as they have all their guns loaded here. With their combination of Dancehall, Hip Hop, and their respective melodies, we wouldn’t mind if they gave us more tracks together, even an EP. “Love Prison” is featured on Killy’s new “KILLSTREAK 2” project. Killy taps into his Caribbean background (his dad’s Bajan), but let’s see if he’ll reach out to some more dope Artists from the Caribbean for future releases. We hope Tommy Lee Sparta is given another chance at freedom.

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Jamaica Dancehall Portmore Montego Bay Mobay Vybz Kartel Tommy Lee Sparta 13thStreetPromo 13thStreetPromotions Naviigator Entertainment Sparta Gaza Caribbean Dancehall Music Deejay

Tommy Lee Sparta & Vybz Kartel Reconnect In “Dark Ages”

Remember when Tommy Lee Sparta was the newest member of the Gaza Empire? Years later, the “Sparta Boss” has acquired quite a following. Despite the fame and notoriety, the law is still within arms reach of him. Currently incarcerated, he still manages to get his work out in the streets just like his mentor Vybz Kartel. Today, we hear them reunited on the track, “Dark Ages“.

Produced and released through Naviigator Entertainment, Tommy Lee Sparta and Vybz Kartel have no fear when it comes to tackling their enemies. When it’s a Gaza/Sparta link up, we know it’s no laughing matter. Over some dark production, the duo gets lyrically aggressive, but keep their weapons of mass destruction very close. Though both artists are going through incarceration, the fans are continuing to fuel their respective movements. From Portmore to Mobay, to all parts of the world.

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Jamaica Dancehall Music Blog 13thStreetPromotions 13thStreetPromo Skillibeng ESyde Tommy Lee Sparta Bin Laden Terrorist Caribbean

.@Skillibeng & @TommyLeeSparta Make Terrorist Threats On “Bin Laden”

The Eastsyde Boss Skillibeng has been trending pretty much all of 2020. With tracks that continue to stay in rotation and a recent signing to Sony/ATV in a publishing deal, he’s about to see a lot more different currencies in his bank account. This week he released a much anticipated “The Prodigy Skilltape“. Though the 35 track project has received mixed reviews, at least fans of the artist have plenty music to absorb. One of the tracks that got people’s attention however is the Tommy Lee Sparta featured, “Bin Laden“.

Like the late leader of al-Qaeda, Skillibeng and Tommy Lee Sparta unleash weapons of mass destruction on the Claims Records produced beat as they spew badman lyrics, and show off a different flow on this one. Both aren’t strangers to the bad man tunes, so you know it’s something deadly when the E-Syde and Sparta connect. One of the standout tracks on the project, this can be seen as a seasoned veteran and the rookie of the year creating something special. Skillibeng’s “The Prodigy Skilltape” is available everywhere.

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