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@OneRomone’s Selfishness Is On Another Level In “Yeah Yeah” Parody Video!

Ladies, have you ever been with a financially mean Partner? How was it for you? There are some Men that are so tight with their money in a relationship, you’d think the money was their significant other. Comedian OneRomone however, plays that role in his latest video! Making a Parody of Dancehall Artist Aidonia’sYeah Yeah” hit, Romone goes off in a Mean Men members’ meeting about not spending on his Women, making sure he doesn’t satisfy their material demands, and even penny pinching when it comes to food. Instead of “Yeah Yeah Yeah“, he wilds out and shouts “No No No“! I’m sure Rom isn’t like that in real life, we know the ladies would be on his case in an instant! Big up Aidonia and 4th Genna Music as well. Directed by the Warren Weir helmed “Weirz World“, and an apperance by Kevin2WoKrayzee, check out the video below!

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PRESS RELEASE: @Alexx_AGame Launches Solo Career

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A-Game, who is more popularly known as the lead singer of the Blu Print Band has premiered his first music video for his single ‘A-Game Everyday’ produced by Vern Hill recently at the 5:30 Social Lounge. He shared “this is a general concept; in every single aspect of your life from work to relationships it is very important to be on you’re A-Game everyday”.

The video shot by Aeonpro Studio also features a special appearance from Jamaican sprint star Warren Weir. “Warren is a good friend of mine and his tagline is ‘be the best you can be’ so we basically had the same message to bring across” A-Game shared. When asked about his affiliation with the Blu Print Band he made it clear that he is still the lead singer and adds that they are very supportive of his music.

The single ‘A-Game Everyday’ is a fusion of old school hip hop and dancehall. “I love music and I feel as though it is very important to fuse different genres and just be more versatile” he added, “I think people are tired of hearing the same things so I hope to bring something new to the table and make myself marketable internationally”.

The Blu Print Band came on the scene in 2011 and became popular after its win in the Battle of the Bands Competition in 2012 in London. “I see my band as my family, the producer of the single is actually a member of the band as well so their support is never ending” he further added.
A-Game and his band are set to tour with Konshens July of this year in Europe.


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NEW VIDEO: @CollegeAccess1 Presents: “Twisted Series” Episode 7


Today’s video is the season finale in the College Access “Twisted” Series. Titled “Revelations“, we see Kim’s boyfriend contemplating about leaving her only to receive some startling news. We also see Craig, being the only “Bunnaman” left, staying in the house to support his banana chips addiction. Except the twist of all twists in this episode, this season is ending with a bang…and maybe a medal? Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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