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@DiGovanah Blazes On Summer European Tour!

Recording Artist Di Govanah aka The New Garvey is currently on his third Summer Tour in Europe. He has been booked for some major shows and is performing alongside the Gully Echo Band from Switzerland. The Artist is now doing rounds in places like Portugal, Germany, Spain, Italy and Austria.

Di Govanah says this tour is very important as it has given him the opportunity to expose his music to different markets. “I am expanding on my music and my mission. I have always gotten huge support from the European Market and a tour of this magnitude means that I will be introducing my music to a whole set of new fans.” During the tour, the upcoming Artist has met up with several Producers in Germany to work on his debut Dancehall album. So far he has been an instant hit at the various locations that he has performed and looks forward to embarking on a similar journey later this year.

Di Govanah performed songs such as My Island from The New Garvey EP, and A Nuh Fi Everybody. Fans of the Dancehall Artist are in for a treat as he will be shooting two new videos that will be ready to hit the market later this year. Pass The Herb and Feel Right are his choices for visuals and will start work on them as soon as he returns to the Island. Di Govanah plans on taking the business by storm by supplying the demand for good, wholesome music. “I prefer to put out music that has a shelf life, music that will last for generations to come. I have a lot of new projects in the pipeline, so just look out for the name, “Di Govanah”.”

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PRESS RELEASE: @GullyBop1000 Jets Off To Europe After Success In Canada


Gully Bop is still enjoying his new found fame via his whirlwind, “Rags To Riches Tour.” After success in Canada, he is now in Brussels for the very first time. The Exuberant artiste is ready to kick off a month-long of performances throughout several European countries including: Belgium, Switzerland, France, Austria, Netherlands, Germany and Norway.

Gully Bop expressed how elated he was about his ongoing “Rags To Riches Tour”,“Me well excited and feel good. So much new places me a reach, and nuff people a see Gully bop live and in living color. Every week me in a different place a perform. Me dreams come true! Long time me a try and want to experience this.”

Last week Gully Bop visited Canadian territory for the first time and was able to pull off a number of sold-out shows in cities such as: Niagara Falls, Toronto and Oshawa. He returns to Canada in August for the annual Jambana One World Festival.

Gully Bop, whose given name is Robert Lee Malcolm, reemerged after over a decade of obscurity under the moniker, Country Man. Back in the 1990’s he was a promising act performing on festivals such as Sting and Reggae Sunsplash under the management of Supreme Promotions’, Isaiah Laing.

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PRESS RELEASE: @GullyBop1000 Arrives In The UK For First Tour


“Body Specialist” deejay, Gully bop is now settling down after a long flight to the island of Great Britain. This marks his very first trip outside of his homeland, Jamaica. “ Well them say me never a go make it at Jamworld. Say me can’t pass Christmas to the New year, but who God bless no man curse,” Gully Bop reasoned as he dismissed naysayers upon arrival at the Gatwick Airport.

His first offshore performance is set for this Saturday at Club Diamond in Luton followed by Scala in King’s Cross, London on Sunday. Gully Bop remains in England for the remainder of March. In April he commences concerts throughout the Caribbean, before he jets off for dates in progress for Europe, the USA and Canada. Updates regarding his schedule are available at http://bandsintown.com/Gullybop or via his website www.GullyBopmusic.com/tour-dates .
Gully Bop formerly known, as Country Man has been an aspiring dancehall artiste for decades. His Frenz For Real produced single that propelled him to dancehall’s mainstream, “Body Specialist” is still running charts in the U.K. and other territories. Currently he enjoys the success of several singles such as “Bad Like We”, produced by Claims Records that recently peaked at #1 on iTunes Reggae Chart. He has over a dozen other singles that are now in rotation across the globe: “Roun’ Here”, “Drop Mi” FT Imari, “Life Too Sweet” FT M-Gee, “Miss Goldie” and “Gully Wine” among others. Rags To Riches his debut EP is set for release this summer.


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Mixtape Movements: @RealiOctane EuroTour Promo Mix


As I Octane readies to kick off his European Tour, he teamed up with Livity Movements to release a quick mix to preview some of the songs he’ll be performing at his booked events from August 2-9. Prepare to have a “Happy Time” as I Octane continues his musical journey. Check out the mixtape below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @RickyTrooper

Do you remember the “Put it pon youchube” video that featured a popular sound selector named Ricky Trooper? Well today he had some things to discuss on Onstage with Winford Williams. Here he spoke about a video that was broadcasted recently on youtube in an attempt to slander his name and the outcome. He also spoke about not having a problem doing his job even if his show was attended by gays, getting steady gigs in Europe, proclaiming to be one of the best veteran DJs, how losing his US visa affected his career, providing for his family, future projects and his marching band “The Troopers“. As Trooper said the world is changing. Many can allow themselves to open their minds, or they can remain ignorant. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @TommyLeeSparta – Vibes Inna Dis


Feeling bored? Let Tommy Lee Sparta bring some “Vibes Inna Dis” with his new video. Directed by DK Konsepp we see clips of Tommy’s latest tours, a bountiful of ladies shaking their derriere, and the Sparta Boss himself bringing vibes everywhere he goes. Good to see Tommy Lee not limiting himself to just the Caribbean and he seems to be getting a lot of love in Europe as well. Very clean video and a lot of people came for the vibes. Check it out below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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