OLDIES SUNDAY: Pluto Shervington – Ram Goat Liver (1974)

Hey bloggers, today’s my first installment in Oldies Sunday where i’ll show appreciation to a old school song I enjoy and hopefully tell the story behind the song. Today’s entry is from the great Pluto Shervington with a song titled “Ram Goat Liver“. Goat soup or “Mannish Water” as it’s popularly called, is a favourite amongst Jamaicans. Mannish Water can be served at funeral receptions/repast, wakes, parties, and fun days/carnivals. It also makes a very tasty meal at any given time.

The story behind “Ram Goat Liver” came from another great entertainer, Ernie Smith. He relayed the story to Pluto stating that while on the way to Federal Records (now Tuff Gong Studio) in 1974, he witnessed an accident where a minibus killed a goat. While at the scene a man who was beside Ernie remarked, “All we need now is a pound of rice and we have lunch!” Upon hearing that, Pluto wrote and recorded that song in less than a week and it became an instant hit. Pluto Shervington has performed that song many times over the years, his most famous performance was in 1976 at a free Labour Day concert hosted by then Prime Minister Michael Manley where he quoted “brought the house down!

Truly one of Jamaica’s most popular songs. Thank you Pluto Shervington.




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