PRESS RELEASE: Oska’s Message To The Prime Minister!

With many Jamaicans awaiting the announcement for the next general elections, up and coming artiste Oska is speaking out through his new single ‘Please Prime Minister’. The single produced by 10 Star Records acts as a social commentary that pleads to the government to invest more into the music industry in particular Reggae and Dancehall music. He said “When I go to Germany and see the love I get there for my music I am so overwhelmed. I think music is a good thing and it can be a solution to a lot of the problems Jamaica is now facing”.

Oska described in his song the power of positive music and urges government to use it in campaigns to create change. He also expounds on the importance of Jamaicans embracing their musical culture and not be so concerned about the negatives often times affiliated with Dancehall but to encourage further change. In what seems to be a controversial single also has the upcoming artiste being vocal about the drop in the quality of the music produced by top producers and the hope that this will change.

Oska shared “The truth is a lot of producers have been solely concerned with just getting material out to the public because of monetary gain and not so much to create a legacy and to garner international awards and attention. As a young artiste, I would like to see more producers putting out quality music that can help break barriers for all Jamaicans”. The single on the ‘Stop Mash Up Jamaica Riddim’ has been garnering a lot of comments online and has become a strong topic with the present political unrest. The single is featured on recording artiste Marr’s mix tape ‘Rebellution’ and has been receiving air play in Germany, France, Zimbabwe and the UK.

Oska is set to commence his Jamaican media runs in December of this year. ‘Please Prime Minister’ can be heard on Soundcloud and is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.

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NEW VIDEO: @Kevin2woKrayzee – Reasons Why Mama P Went To China


Kicking off your week with some comedy is Kevin2woKrayzee. Today he speaks on the real reasons why “Mama P” a.k.a. Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller visited China. If you’re unaware, the Prime Minister has been taking numerous trips over the past 2 years and questions have been raised due to the extravagant travel costs and purpose of each trip. Kevin gives a hilarious take on her trip to China as he claims they have conversed via BBM. Do remember folks, It’s only entertainment. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Pluto Shervington – Ram Goat Liver (1974)

Hey bloggers, today’s my first installment in Oldies Sunday where i’ll show appreciation to a old school song I enjoy and hopefully tell the story behind the song. Today’s entry is from the great Pluto Shervington with a song titled “Ram Goat Liver“. Goat soup or “Mannish Water” as it’s popularly called, is a favourite amongst Jamaicans. Mannish Water can be served at funeral receptions/repast, wakes, parties, and fun days/carnivals. It also makes a very tasty meal at any given time.

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