NEW VIDEO: @Irie_FM Interviews @SamanthaJLive x @KaladoArtist


On last night’s “Entertainment Buzz” on Irie FM, fast rising artists Samantha J and Kalado were featured. Hosted by Bones and Kshema  we got to know about Samantha J, getting her start in the music business, her being such a young artist, her single “Tight Up Skirt” making waves, handling her rising popularity, school, and her future plans. With Kalado we got to know his start in the business, being a part of Bounty Killa’sAlliance“, his hot single “Make Me Feel“, his mixtape “Story“, life before music and his future projects. Lots of interaction and other interviews as well as calls from listeners. Great interviews in this almost hour long video and i’m looking forward to more from these two. Happy 17th Birthday Samantha! Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Mixtape Movements: @KaladoArtist – Story

Everyone has a story but today ANG’s Kalado shares his “Story” in the form of a mixtape. Featuring 26 tracks with help from Dre Day Productions, Kalado gives us a peek into his world. We often don’t hear about a dancehall artist releasing a heavy mixtape but with 26 tracks it’s best to get comfy for a good listen. Check out the mixtape below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: Pluto Shervington – Ram Goat Liver (1974)

Hey bloggers, today’s my first installment in Oldies Sunday where i’ll show appreciation to a old school song I enjoy and hopefully tell the story behind the song. Today’s entry is from the great Pluto Shervington with a song titled “Ram Goat Liver“. Goat soup or “Mannish Water” as it’s popularly called, is a favourite amongst Jamaicans. Mannish Water can be served at funeral receptions/repast, wakes, parties, and fun days/carnivals. It also makes a very tasty meal at any given time.

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Random: The Bus Ride And The Belt Salesman

Not the actual salesman…

Hey BlogWorld! Got a story to tell, i’ll do my best here…

 So this afternoon (Friday Oct. 26, 2012), I travelled on a bus from Mandeville to Christiana as a part of running a few errands. While the bus driver did his best to drive all over Mandeville in effort to elude a Police Officer on a bike who wanted to give him a ticket, I was greeted by a rather peculiar character who took passage on the bus. His first statement was to the tune of, “Come inside, let’s all take a bus ride” (I forgot what he actually said..), the other was, “Unno pack tight like Sausage, nuh block up the passage…” He went on further to make up many rhymes during our bus ride which lasted around 20 minutes. Every conversation he kept with us passengers turned into a witty rhyme, even when we were eluding the Police Officer he taunted him with a clever rhyme much to our entertainment.

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