PRESS RELEASE x PICS: #TheTakeover (Dec. 15 2012) @ @FunkyMunkyJA


The Funky Munky has held hostage by a fusion of Hip Hop and Reggae acts on December 15 and there was no possibility of a successful negotiaiton. Dubbed “The Takeover“, there was a mix of talent from the likes of Five Steez, Kabaka Pyramid, Nomad Carlos, The Sickest Drama, and others. check out the pics and the press release below.

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Nomad Carlos & The Sickest Drama Nomad Carlos Koro Fyah & Kabaka Pyramid Kabaka Pyramid Five Steez Five Steez & Nomad Carlos The Sickest Drama



Kingston, Jamaica: “The best Hip Hop show in Jamaica ever!” That was the general sentiment

being expressed by lingering patrons at the end of “The Takeover” at Funky Munky, 17 Holborn

Road, on Saturday, December 15, 2012. The event featured four well-received performances

by Nomad Carlos, Five Steez, The Sickest Drama and Kabaka Pyramid.

It was a busy night all throughout Kingston as numerous events competed but scores of

individuals trickled into “The Takeover” until the show got under way at approximately

11:30PM when the MC for the night, Simo-B, introduced Nomad Carlos, who delivered a strong

20-plus-minute set.

Nomad Carlos performed various songs from his recently released “Me Against the Grain”

mixtape. He built a steady vibe until he arrived at “Murder Music”, one of his standout songs

about Jamaica’s crime and corruption, for which the crowd showed its appreciation with

lighters and “gun fingers” in the air. He then closed his set with Five Steez on stage with him in

an intense back-and-forth performance of “Aww Snap”.

After a short break, Five Steez returned to the stage with an energetic set in which he delivered

half-a-dozen songs from his debut album, “War for Peace”, including the crowd-favourite

“Slaving on the Plantation” – a song about the struggles of the everyday worker. He then had

hands in the air as he performed his jazzy collaboration with Nomad Carlos entitled “Wanna Be

Free”, before ending with a couple more songs from his album.

The Sickest Drama (TSD) made his mark next, stepping on stage in a lively manner to perform

his part of a collaboration with incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel, entitled “Back

Down”. TSD displayed a highly advanced lyrical technique and much depth, reaching a high

point with the song “Journey through Life” in which he lamented “the pain and the strife” of

pursuing a musical career, especially in Jamaica where local Hip Hop receives little support.

Kabaka Pyramid came up later and performed many of the songs from his 2011 “Rebel Music

EP”, some of which, like “The Sound” and “I Alone”, are still in radio rotation. Known for his Hip

Hop-influenced approach to conscious Reggae music, he showcased his skills as a rapper and a

deejay, while sharing the story of his musical journey and how he came to fuse his influences.

He even called fellow Bebble Rock artiste, Koro Fyah, to the stage to perform “Betta Mus


Kabaka Pyramid left the stage and the crowd wanting more and this was evident when the

host, Simo-B, was greeted with calls from the audience for “one more tune”. Then a song

entitled “BP Meets UC” – a four-year-old collaborative track by Nomad Carlos featuring Five

Steez, Kabaka Pyramid and The Sickest Drama – began being played, and each artiste took to

the stage to deliver their verses from the song, which is well-known within local Hip Hop circles.

The Sickest Drama, Five Steez and Nomad Carlos then performed “Kingston Invasion”, a song

released online to promote the event two weeks prior. They chanted the chorus together and

took turns rapping their verses to the excitement of dozens of patrons who stayed until the

very end of the event at approximately 2AM. They thanked the audience and all who assisted

with the event before exiting the stage and mingling with the crowd.

Patrons took pictures with the artistes and engaged in conversation as the event’s staff and

volunteers began cleaning and clearing the venue. The words on the tips of everyone’s lips

revealed just how impressed they were with the entire show.

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