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Pay Attention - January 31 (Back)

It’s that time again to PAY ATTENTION and recently KLAS Lifestyle got a chance to Interview some of the players in the Pay Attention series. Hosted by Garth Williams, Rappers The Sickest Drama (TSD) and Rseenal were featured guests. Here they spoke about Jamaican Hip Hop and how the culture differs from their American counterparts, Jamaica opening up to accommodate the movement, the Pay Attention event and artists making strides to carry the culture across the globe. A good listen here and for those who aren’t familiar, head out to the C&C South Beach (South Beach Cafe) on January 31 and witness the movement in all its glory. Check out the Interview below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Pay Attention - January 31 (Front) (1)

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PRESS RELEASE x PICS: #TheTakeover (Dec. 15 2012) @ @FunkyMunkyJA


The Funky Munky has held hostage by a fusion of Hip Hop and Reggae acts on December 15 and there was no possibility of a successful negotiaiton. Dubbed “The Takeover“, there was a mix of talent from the likes of Five Steez, Kabaka Pyramid, Nomad Carlos, The Sickest Drama, and others. check out the pics and the press release below.

Five Steez - War for Peace CD's, Stickers & Flyers

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PRESS RELEASE: #TheTakeover Ft. @FiveSteez @TheSickestDrama @NomadCarlos @KabakaPyramid

For queries contact: Daniel Josephs @ daniel_josephs@hotmail.com & (876) 482-6316

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