NEW VIDEO: #TheTakeover (Dec. 15, 2012) Highlights

Although pictures of the event were made available in another post, today showcases a few performances of #TheTakeover on video. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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PRESS RELEASE x PICS: #TheTakeover (Dec. 15 2012) @ @FunkyMunkyJA


The Funky Munky has held hostage by a fusion of Hip Hop and Reggae acts on December 15 and there was no possibility of a successful negotiaiton. Dubbed “The Takeover“, there was a mix of talent from the likes of Five Steez, Kabaka Pyramid, Nomad Carlos, The Sickest Drama, and others. check out the pics and the press release below.

Five Steez - War for Peace CD's, Stickers & Flyers

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PRESS RELEASE: #TheTakeover Ft. @FiveSteez @TheSickestDrama @NomadCarlos @KabakaPyramid

For queries contact: Daniel Josephs @ & (876) 482-6316

FOLLOW: @FiveSteez @NomadCarlos @TheSickestDrama @KabakaPyramid @OhGarth

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