OLDIES SUNDAY: Garnet Silk – Mama (1992)

In celebration of Mothers’ Day I feature another song as a tribute to mothers, this time it’s done by the late Garnet Silk. Titled “Mama” and produced by Courtney Cole in 1992, this was a cover version of Clarence Carter’s hit “Patches” which was done in 1970. “Patches” was also a cover of Chairmen of the Board’s hit which was also done in 1970. In the song Garnet sings about his mom being there for him all his life and even though his father died when he was very young his mom played both parental roles. He also sang about working hard to take care of his mom in return.

Mama” became one of Garnet Silk’s most popular hits especially during Mothers’ Day next to his other hit “Mama Africa“. With his unique singing voice many could feel the soul he brought to this single and many would say he did it better than the original artist. Garnet continued releasing albums and singles until his tragic death in 1994 where he attempted to save his mom from a fire. Though his life was short, Garnet created many songs and was an inspiration to many artists that we know today. With his children carrying the torch, Garnet Silk’s legacy lives on and his music will be heard for many more years.

Thank You Garnet Silk for this timeless classic and Rest In Peace.


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