OLDIES SUNDAY: @CharMaxRomeo – Chase The Devil (1976)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from “The Son Of Selassie” a.k.a. Max Romeo. Titled “Chase The Devil“, this was produced by Lee “Scratch” Perry with backing by “The Upsetters” band in 1976 for Island Records. It was also a single included in Max’s 4th studio album, “War Inna Babylon“. The song brings forth a “Good conquering evil” theme where the Devil is being a negative force on Earth and when Max dons his Iron shirt, he will fight the Devil and send him to outer space. Max later explained that the Devil is everything negative in our minds and the Iron shirt is our strength of spirit that allows one to cast out the Devil.

Chase The Devil” became a popular song for Max Romeo as it received praises in Jamaica and in the UK and has remained one of his most memorable songs. It was also sampled by The Prodigy, Mad Professor, Lee “Scratch” Perry himself, and Kanye West who used it for Jay-Z’s “Lucifer” single off his 2003 “The Black Album“. Despite falling out with Lee Perry after “War Inna Babylon“, Max went on to co-write a Musical, collaborated with Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, released more singles and albums including one with his sons, touring, and also molded the career of his daughter Xana Romeo.

Thank you Max Romeo for this awesome track! 





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