OLDIES SUNDAY: Sugar Minott – Herbman Hustling (1984)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection is dedicated to the hustlers. We go back to the early 80’s with the late Sugar Minott. Titled “Herbman Hustling” and produced by Sly & Robbie for the Taxi Records in 1984. The song speaks on the day to day experiences of the Marijuana merchant including dealing with the law, and sourcing the best product. Minott’s delivery in this single puts the listener in a first person perspective (and possibly catch a contact high) over the smooth Sly & Robbie production.

Herbman Hustling” was a very popular single for the Artist and was included in his 1984 album of the same name on the Black Roots label. The song was also covered/sampled by Bay B Kane, Balance Inc., the late J.O.E. (Jah Ova Evil), King Django, and D.R.S. With his unique compositions, Sugar Minott continued to craft hits over the years until his passing in July 2010. May he sleep in peace and his music continue to entertain and inspire many.

Thank you Sugar Minott for this timeless song!





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