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.@MaticulusAuburn Holds The “Faith” On New Single

Our journeys may get hard, but we’ll get there somehow. Recording Artist/Youtuber Maticulus Auburn, who has been delivering some good music over the years (including our favourite, “All For You), knows a thing about not having the smoothest journey as an artist. Nonetheless, his determination keeps him going, and he shares something about having “Faith” in his new single.

Produced by Jon-Ross Kelly, Maticulus gives us words of encouragement as we all have our share of trials. While many of us haven’t reached the peak yet, he leaves a message that we should trust in Jah, have some faith, and put in the work in order to achieve greatness. With his unique vocals, Maticulus gives us a song that we can keep on repeat, and use as a morning motivator. Let “Faith” be a part of your collection today! No matter your mission in life, just keep at it, and have Jah at the helm. Keep your head up!

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.@MaticulusAuburn Drops “Like I Do” For All The Ladies Out There!

Recording Artist Maticulus Auburn is a yute you need to hear. Fresh from a short hiatus, he delivers his first recording since our 2017 favouriteAll For You“, the Roe Summerz produced “Like I Do“! With his signature delivery, he gives us a tune that the ladies will surely love. Roe Summerz definitely provided the right sound for this track as it compliments the lyrics really well. This is the track you get close to her with, talk about the stars, crystals, the future, and assure to her that you’ll be her rock. Despite all that’s going on in the world, we all need some good music to help us get by, and this single is one of those you need to have near. Get familiar! Check out the track below, and share with a friend. Show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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2017 Faves: @MaticulusAuburn – All For You (#4)

As 2017 comes to a close, we look back at a few songs that were favourites on the Blog for the year. While we can’t name EVERY one, we’ll give you 5 (in no particular order so hold off on the ego) to reminisce on, or get familiar with.

Stepping in at #4, is Recording Artist Maticulus Auburn with “All For You“! Produced by Roe Summerz and released in April, Maticulus dedicates his love to his lady as she has had his back, made him better, and has been there for him in good and bad times. With the pairing of Auburn’s delivery and Roe’s production, this was a song for the lovers out there. Still hope a visual is made for this someday. If you missed our #5 entry, see here. Check out #4 below!

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@MaticulusAuburn Has It “All For You” On New Single!

It’s been a while since Recording Artist Maticulus Auburn gave you some fire. Today, he delivers that on “All For You“. Produced by Roe Summerz, Maticulus dedicates his love for his lady as she has been there for him in every way, how she has changed his life for the better, and aims to be at her every beck and call. The song gives off a nice retro feel especially with Maticulus’ delivery, and Roe’s production matches it perfectly. I can picture a 90’s Reggae styled video for this (I have a couple concepts here). Look out for a new project from Mr. Auburn later this year. Check out the track below.

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It’s “Tune In Thursday” With @FiveSteez, @5StarSOL, @VershonMusic & More!

It’s that time again for “Tune In Thursday“! While many are still dealing with the shocking news from Overseas, 13th Street Promotions and Views From 876 are here with a playlist to rock your mind, soul and body! It’s for the Culture so be here every Thursday for a music fix! Check out the selections below.

#TuneInThursday Week 4 – 10/11/2016

  • Dre Island x Assassin – Bounce About
  • Clymaxx – Puff & Roll Up
  • Vershon – All Mi Want
  • Maticulus Auburn – Vertigo
  • Five Steez x Sosa x Nomad Carlos – Gods Collide (Sosa Remix)
  • 5 Star – 3rd Eye Open

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@MaticulusAuburn Wants To Know What She’s About In “Vertigo”!

Are we a ting or am I one of the bros?” is a line from Recording Artist Maticulus Auburn’s newest single, “Vertigo“. Produced by Jon-Ross Kelly, Auburn is going through a situation with a young lady he’s dating where he shows her love, but he receives mixed signals from her. While he comes from a good place, she has had bad experiences in the love department and is coming from a place of hurt. The dating world can be a tough one at times as there are many damaged souls out there who are afraid to love again. Continue to show them love and help them to put it all behind them. Maticulus Auburn’sInner Thoughts EP is still available on the Blog. Is there a me and you? Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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