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.@KaliGrnMusic Calls Up O.D., Rosh Rebel & Rajaheim For “I Love My Herbs”!

Nothing like that good green huh? Marijuana has done so much for many over the years, and you’re missing out if you haven’t met that plant. Today, Recording Artist Kali Grn loves Ganja so much that he wrote a song titled, “I Love My Herbs“! Produced by Illtrax Records and featuring O.D., Rosh Rebel, and Rajaheim Nephilim, they deliver a song that all the weed connoisseurs can relate to. Just like you professing your love for a partner, or a family member, the herb is like that best friend that has been there in all stages of your life. With their combined sounds, you can’t help but keep this one on repeat. Share this one with a fellow Weed Connoisseur. You can even grab a copy to keep forever here. From Mobay to everywhere that Marijuana is loved, check out the track below and show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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20 thoughts on “.@KaliGrnMusic Calls Up O.D., Rosh Rebel & Rajaheim For “I Love My Herbs”!

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