15 Artists To Watch Out For In 2019!

It’s a new year, and that means a lot more music is coming your way. While we gave you some Artists to check out in Summer 2017, Producers to work with, a list of lovely ladies you need to get familiar with, and a few more Artists to keep on your musical radars, we’re gonna put you on to even more who made moves in 2018 so 2019 could welcome them with open arms.

*These Artists are not ranked in any way, so nuh badda wid di mixup!

Matt Dewar

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📸: @Courtseye_

Matt Dewar has been working his way up to be heard. Armed with a melodic delivery and ability to adjust no matter the subject matter, Matt could be the next Artist you keep on repeat. Having performed at “New Breath” last year and “Imprint” recently, be sure to catch him performing sometime soon. Get familiar with “I Get Lonely Too” with Sara Bloom, “Slow Whine” with Sara and Jeeby Lyricist, and “We$t Island” below.

Jaz Elise

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📸: @LorinaDuic

Jaz Elise definitely made some noise in 2018. Having made her debut on the scene with the singles “Forever Guide” and “For You“, she has brought a vibe that made everyone rock wherever she goes. From performing at “Jam We A Jam” and being called up by Lila Ike at “Live From KGN”, 2019 will find Jaz everywhere.

Karma Crew

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When he’s not hosting events, putting in work in the Gym, or being militant in the streets, Karma Crew can be found making dope things happen in the Recording Booth. Rapping is basically 2nd nature for Karma, and 2018 found him not only firing off some bars at his “Mobay’s Finest” event and “Mic Drop” along with his peers, but shooting videos, and sending his music everywhere with his “Audiophilia” project. For the Hip Hop lovers, Karma is an Artist to keep watch for.

Sara Bloom

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📸: @xsvmsingx

2018 found Sara Bloom making her debut on the music scene. Starting with the jazzy “Wanna Know” and the Matt Dewar assisted “Get Lonely“, Sara found herself performing at events like “Word!”, “Magic”, and her own “New Breath” event to much delight of those in attendance. 2019 will find Sara doing a lot more, so watch out!



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The youngest in charge here at 7 years old. With two amazing Artists as parents (Recording Artists Bugle and Raine Seville), it’s only fitting that Layla-Rei would find herself taking pages out of their books. While she has been making appearances on her Mom’s Instagram feed, it wasn’t until last year that Layla-Rei paused some of the Schoolwork to collaborate with her Mom on “Big Up Jamaica“. She then followed up with her debut “I Know“, and followed up with “Ambition“. She has also made appearances at School events, on TV, and in campaigns with Tru-Juice, National Bakery, Chase Ramson, and Rubis Jamaica. 2019 will find this “Raine Drop” doing a lot more.

Kali Grn

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📸: @JipsieLens

Kali Grn pon di scene, nah mean? While he has been making moves here and there, 2018 found Kali Grn staying very busy. With releases like “I Love My Herbs” with Rajaheim, O.D., and Rosh Rebel, and “Incense & Scented Candles” with Rosh Rebel, Kali brought his own vibe that everyone can enjoy. He has also been a fixture last year at events like Hot Box Klvb’s “Dub Treatment”, “One Mic”, and “Vibe Style Sessions”, and even released a short video titled “Recreational Herbs“. He won’t slow down in 2019, so don’t take your eye off Kali Grn.


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📸: @skystarter.ash

2018 found EvaFlow being pretty busy. While he released “Familiar Stranger” with Sara Lugo, he took his talents on the road along with his crew, The Skystarters. From events like “The Sankofa Sessions”, “The Apollo Series”, “Magic”, “Dub School”, “180 Live”, “Moda Music” and “Vibe Style Sessions”, where hasn’t Evaflow been yet? Watch out for this In.Digg.Nation member in 2019 as he continues his musical journey.


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📸: @BreddaWarren

Ras-I continued his musical endeavors in 2018, and left impressions. While he was found performing at events like his own “Tsojourna”, “Soul Rebel 73”, “Pasta Supreme”, and Soundcheck’s “Strictly Roots: Showcase”, he definitely had ears perked when he dropped “Crazy Over You” with Royal Blu and Runkus. He also dropped “Know Herb” for the Weed Connoisseurs, and looks to drop his upcoming album later this year. Get some “Musique” in your life.


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Neeqah was working her way into many hearts in 2018. First she kept listeners busy with her “Aura” EP, then watched as her buzz got bigger thanks to her single “Ms. Melanin” and the remix featuring Dancehall Artist Charly Black. Closing off the year however, she was recruited by Dancehall Artist Dovey Magnum to perform at her “Bawl Out” event, and even got to perform at the recent “Imprint” event. Stay tuned for next move in 2019.

Iron Kyte

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They burst on the scene as Skaibrid years ago, but the Blues Rock Band now known as Iron Kyte is working on global impact. Not settling for the norm, they have taken their blend of sound to RedBones Blues Cafe (releasing an EP of their performance shortly after), made noise at Tribe 876, kicked off their own live event at Comfitanya Rest, and showed out at “Magic”, “Undisputed”, and “Blues On The Beach”. Need that live music fix? Let this Ariella, Shannon, Brendon, and Reece give you that proper dosage!


Jamaica, Dancehall, Dancehall Pop, Reggae, R&B, Music, Blog, 13thStreetPromotions, 13thStreetPromo, Shav-A, Admiral Tibet, Singer, Caribbean,

Once there are parents who are into music, there is no surprise when the offsprings follow in their footsteps. The daughter of Reggae Music Icon Admiral Tibet, Shav-A has been carving her own path in music. Last year saw her releasing “Missing You” and “I Need You” as she displays her blend of Dancehall, Pop, Reggae, and R&B. Starting off 2019 however, she gave us the International remix of “I Need You” which features French Artist, Orti. The year is promising for Shav-A, and you’ll be sure to catch her performing in a venue near you soon!


Jamaica, Dancehall, Reggae, Pop, Music, Blog, 13thStreetPromotions, 13thStreetPromo, Diel, DielMusic, Digicel Rising Stars, Caribbean

You can call him Mr. “I’m From Kingston“, but in 2018, Diel became known nationwide with the International folks paying attention. 2018 was a busy for Diel as the year saw him taking on other contestants in season 15 of Digicel Rising Stars. While he became a favourite earning the name “Di Teacher from Rising Stars“, he didn’t take home the ultimate prize, but kept grinding and winning fans since then. He also found himself performing at “100 Live”, “Applause For A Cause”, “Kulcha”, and at a few Schools across the Island including Manchester High where he was a Teacher/Choir Director (Sic Luceat Lux). Currently campaigning his 2018 releases “Too Young” and “Make It Through“, only time will tell what Diel will embark on next.


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📸: @Dane_Visuals

She brings her own sound to the music scene, and Dehshh is definitely in her own lane. 2018 saw Dehshh putting in work and getting herself out there more. From collaborating with her Island Wav brethren on “Tun Up Di Vibes”, covering SZA’s “Broken Clocks”, and pushing her singles “Permanent” with Blue IQ, and “How Dare You” with Artikal, 2019 promises to be lit for the young Singer!

Kim Nain

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2018 had some moments for the Singer named Kim Nain. Not only did the year see her releasing her long anticipated debut album “Deal Wid It“, but she signed a management deal with John John Music Group, and showcased her talents on the Reggae Sumfest stage. Following up those, she has made media appearances locally and internationally, performed at “Magic”, “100 Live”, Usain Bolt’s Tracks & Records’ “Unplugged” event, and joined Stylez on his Island-wide “Skeleton Fresh Tour”. With her Destiny Sparta assisted “Deal Wid It” heating up, 2019 will be even better for Kim Nain.


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This name Pseudokhule has been showing up here and there in 2018. Showing the music scene that it’s not always Dancehall and Reggae, the Electronic Band has been showing off unique sounds and gaining fans along the way. Having performed at events such as “The Sankofa Sessions”, “New Wave”, “SPEAK”, “Magic”, and on the “Skeleton Fresh Tour”, those who caught them live definitely got charged up during their sets. With releases such as their “Pseudosynthesis” project, “4 King Party“, “Moonlit Steady Ocean“, and “Wildcat Intoxication“, go get your fix of the Pseudokhule now!

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