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We Take A “Quick Throwback” Look Into @Aidonia4thGenna’s “Lord Of The Blings”

Before “JOP” became a team you wanted to be a part of, and before the “4th Genna“, there was Idonia otherwise known as Aidonia! In our 2nd issue of our new “Quick Throwback” series, we go back to the year 2004 to hear one of Aidonia’s early recorded singles, “Lord Of The Blings“. Produced by Rockcliffe (Rodcliffe) Pinnock for Orizen Entertainment, “Didi” gets into “flossing” mode as he speaks on living a lavish lifestyle, and calls himself the “Lord Of The Blings“. Since then, Aidonia has moved on to recording his first hit (“Lolly“) with “Skatta” Burrell, to being a member of Bounty Killa’s “The Alliance”, bringing his “JOP (Jag One Productions)” clique to the forefront, being respected as one of Jamaica’s top lyricists, feuding with a few Artists including Vybz Kartel, Munga, and Masicka, and of course making underground and mainstream hit songs. It’s Ai-di-di-di-DONIA! Stay tuned for another throwback next week.

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.@Aidonia4thGenna @GovanaGenna Take Freshness To Another Level In “Breeze”!

After blazing the airwaves and Internet with the single last year, Dancehall Artists Aidonia and Govana finally delivered the visual for their super fresh single, “Breeze“! Directed by RD Studios and featuring cameos from Comedian Fat Skull, JaydsDing Dong and the Ravers Clavers, Donia and Govana take it to the Golf Course all preppy and clean in their designer attire with cheering ladies to match. Whether you use Breeze, Sudsill, Tide, or Ariel, ensure that your freshness game is on the highest level every time! Check out the video below.

Watch the video here to stay FRESH

NEW VIDEO: @OnStageTV Interviews @AidoniaJOP


With some changes happening in his life and career, Aidonia had a chat with Winford Williams and more on last night’s episode of Onstage. Here the deejay spoke about his Reggae Sumfest performance, his “Spiritual Awakening“, his fall out with Romeich, working on new music, performing with former foes on stage and encouraging unity. With his new way of thinking due to his “Spiritual Awakening“, let’s see what’s in store for Aidonia and his J.O.P. camp. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @AidoniaJOP x @KaramelJOP – Zadaga

image (2)

Bringing a sexual energy to the music is the collaboration between Aidonia and Karamel. Titled “Zadaga” and produced by Ancient Records on the Zadaga Riddim, we hear the two speak on getting things done in the bedroom, Karamel needing her body serviced and Aidonia detailing how he’ll do that and more. A very sexual song here and the production makes it more intense. Sounds like a hit to me. What do you think? Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Check out the RAW version here.

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NEW MUSIC: @AidoniaJOP – One Heart

00-ONE-HEART-RIDDIM-COVER-_1-600x600Dedicating a song to the ladies today is the J.O.P. General, Aidonia. Titled “One Heart” and produced by Black Spyda Records on the “One Heart Riddim“, we hear Aidonia speak on his feelings for his lady and no matter where he is and what he’s doing, she is on his mind and he needs her. Sounds like a hit for Aidonia here. This is for the lovers out there and those who seek that kind of love. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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MUSIC: @IAmWill x @CodyWise – Birthday

10314560_635749003168565_5558876161485573337_nToday’s new music comes from Pop artists Will.I.Am and Cody Wise with a little twist. Titled “Birthday” and produced by Will.I.Am and Damien LeRoy, this features samples from Jamaica’s own Aidonia (Fi Di Jockey) and Bounty Killa. The song is basically a feel good song that promotes living life to the fullest all the time and celebrating it like it’s your birthday. Sounds like a hit to me here and it’s very interesting to hear Dancehall being sampled in this. Check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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