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.@SheenWorks Gets Real In His Debut Video For “Lot To Lose”!

Today’s new entry comes from Singer/Songwriter/Producer Sheen (formerly known as Ashani), and you will feel the emotions in this one. Recently, he made his video debut with the single, “Lot To Lose“. Brought to you by the combined efforts of Stephanie Channer, Live High Meds, and Andre Livingston, Sheen is seen here belting out the Blues as he deals with some difficulties in a relationship. Co-written by Roe Summerz and produced by Irish Hill Records, this one is definitely a repeater as many of us can relate to the scenarios sung here. We love the direction of the video here as it fits the dark tone of the lyrics, simple and effective (and black and white (the proper term, right?)). Expect to hear more from this Artist as he has made waves over the years. Check out the video below and share with a friend. Show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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Mixtape Movements: @SkaiBrid – Dirty Glass EP

With Jamaica bringing genres like Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Ska, and many others to the world, it’s no surprise when we tackle other genres and today a Band named “SkaiBrid” (Sky-Brid) graces this blog. This 3 member Band consisting of Brendon Wesley, Rajiv Manderson, and Reece Chen, tackle Blues and Rock music (named Blues Rock), and Alternative with their EP, “Dirty Glass“. This 4 track project (5 on the Deluxe version) features a blend of instruments,  far from generic lyrics, and a groove that’ll have you adding this to your “Must repeat” list. For new listeners and those unfamiliar with Blues music, this will be something you’ve never heard before, and something you may just like! Check out the project below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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