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.@EdleyShine Drops Something New For The Ladies!

Not to be left out of the summer fun, the legendary Born Jamericans MC Edley Shine has something for the ladies in the form of the new single, “Cyann Recova“! With production by frequent collaborator Roe Summerz a.k.a. “Di Riddimisist“, Edley Shine looks to bring some fun for the ladies with his brand of Dancehall that shows respect to the OGs, but will be loved by the youth! Boasting that Casio Keyboard based production that was made famous by the legendary Sly & Robbie, just make sure you’re ready to pull off some dance moves to this.

Along with the single, Edley Shine is looking forward to releasing a solo project titled, “Based On Talent” later this year. Lyric video for the provided by Chronic Avengers, Get the party started by checking out the track below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@MaticulusAuburn Drops “Like I Do” For All The Ladies Out There!

Recording Artist Maticulus Auburn is a yute you need to hear. Fresh from a short hiatus, he delivers his first recording since our 2017 favouriteAll For You“, the Roe Summerz produced “Like I Do“! With his signature delivery, he gives us a tune that the ladies will surely love. Roe Summerz definitely provided the right sound for this track as it compliments the lyrics really well. This is the track you get close to her with, talk about the stars, crystals, the future, and assure to her that you’ll be her rock. Despite all that’s going on in the world, we all need some good music to help us get by, and this single is one of those you need to have near. Get familiar! Check out the track below, and share with a friend. Show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@SheenWorks Gets Real In His Debut Video For “Lot To Lose”!

Today’s new entry comes from Singer/Songwriter/Producer Sheen (formerly known as Ashani), and you will feel the emotions in this one. Recently, he made his video debut with the single, “Lot To Lose“. Brought to you by the combined efforts of Stephanie Channer, Live High Meds, and Andre Livingston, Sheen is seen here belting out the Blues as he deals with some difficulties in a relationship. Co-written by Roe Summerz and produced by Irish Hill Records, this one is definitely a repeater as many of us can relate to the scenarios sung here. We love the direction of the video here as it fits the dark tone of the lyrics, simple and effective (and black and white (the proper term, right?)). Expect to hear more from this Artist as he has made waves over the years. Check out the video below and share with a friend. Show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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2017 Faves: @MaticulusAuburn – All For You (#4)

As 2017 comes to a close, we look back at a few songs that were favourites on the Blog for the year. While we can’t name EVERY one, we’ll give you 5 (in no particular order so hold off on the ego) to reminisce on, or get familiar with.

Stepping in at #4, is Recording Artist Maticulus Auburn with “All For You“! Produced by Roe Summerz and released in April, Maticulus dedicates his love to his lady as she has had his back, made him better, and has been there for him in good and bad times. With the pairing of Auburn’s delivery and Roe’s production, this was a song for the lovers out there. Still hope a visual is made for this someday. If you missed our #5 entry, see here. Check out #4 below!

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@EdleyShine & @RoeSummerz Desire Women From The Motherland In “African Girls (Ethiopian Girls)”!

It’s all about the ladies from the Motherland in this one as Singer/Producer Roe Summerz teams up with “Da Big VoiceEdley Shine in “African Girls (Ethiopian Girls)“! Directed by Devin Johnson, we find the duo taking it to the club as they party and get to know some lovely ladies. Roe Summerz delivers the vocals for the beauties, while Edley deejays his way to their hearts. The track is a Shinealous Records release, and is expected to add extra heat this Summer! Edley Shine is of the Born JAmericans and RefixKingz fame, and has been dropping singles over the year through his US based Shinealous Records while Roe Summerz has been producing and collaborating with the likes of GiRL (“High”), and Maticulus Auburn (“All For You”). Check out the video below.

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@GiRL_Jamz Doubles Up On The Visuals With @RoeSummerz Assisted Single, “High”!

If you haven’t been familiar with the 1 person dynamo named GiRL, today’s the day to change all that. After releasing her debut single in 2016, the Kenzic featured “Fly”, she has been busy winning fans with every live performance. While halfway through 2017, she ups the ante with a double presentation of her 2nd single, “High“! Featuring Recording Artist Roe Summerz who also handles the production, the single has been described as the “pleasant tranquil fusion of vocals and Instruments” since its release 3 months ago through the Edley Shine (of Born Jamericans) owned Shinealous Records.

The videos, with direction by Laty Kim and Marz Jackson, features a glimpse into Kingston at night, a bit of dancing, some clean shots, and an open platform for you to interpret the lyrics and visuals. Enough talking, time to rise higher, and treat your eyes to high quality visuals from GiRL! Watch them below.

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