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OLDIES SUNDAY: Cornel Campbell – You’re No Good (1973)

June may be a Wedding month for many couples, but sometimes many relationships don’t get to make it to the Altar. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we go back in time to check out Cornel Campbell’s track, “You’re No Good“.

Produced by Bunny “Striker” Lee for his Lee’s Label and released in 1973, Cornel Campbell uses his signature falsetto to deliver a song that speaks about heartbreak, abandonment, and lost love. Cornel calls out the person who hurt him, and let him to suffer, and he looks back at the times he was warned that she was not. good person. The hurt can be felt by the listener, people instantly connected with the song, and related to the lyrics. The song was a great addition to Campbell’s catalogue, as he recorded many hits with Bunny Lee in the 1970s. He went on to record many singles and released albums well into 2021 in the form of the reissue of his 1978 album, “Sweet Baby“. Congrats to those who got a chance to take the big step this Wedding season, much love to those who have gone through splits.

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We Look Back At Songs That Sampled @BunnyStrikerLee In Our Latest Playlist!

On October 6, Jamaica and the world lost another Icon, Producer Extraordinaire Bunny “Striker” Lee. Known as “The Gorgon“, Bunny Lee was man who has helped to shape music as we know it as he was an early adopter of Dub Music along with the late pioneer King Tubby. He was a pioneer of the Reggae Music market in the UK, and he was also the man who produced former child star now Dancehall Icon Beenie Man’s debut album. If you didn’t know, Bunny “Striker” Lee is one of the fathers of the Remix! Today, we pay tribute to his production work by highlighting some of his classics, and those who sampled him in our latest Playlist!

From Koffee, to Kardinal Offishall, to KRS-One, to Sister Nancy, to Sean Paul, learn a thing or few today, and enjoy some great music! He broke barriers, made stars, produced timeless music, and created a wave for many to follow. Walk good, Mr. Bunny “Striker” Lee O.D.! Check out the Playlist below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Horace Andy – Our Jamaican National Heroes (1978)

As we remember Jamaica’s National Heroes on October 17 (the day is celebrated every 3rd Monday in October), we look back at Reggae Artist Horace Andy’sOur Jamaican National Heroes” track. This single was produced by Bunny Lee for the Striker Lee Label in 1978 and features Andy paying tribute to our National Heroes. Here he name drops George William Gordon, Paul Bogle, Marcus Garvey, Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley as he learned about them during his younger days in School. For those paying attention, you may have noticed the omission of Heroine Nanny of the Maroons as she wasn’t conferred the Order of National Hero until March 1982, and Sam Sharpe the same date. In between the name drops, Horace would speak on the roles each Hero played with mention that George William Gordon and Marcus Garvey were betrayed, Bustamante was the only living National Hero at the time, and Marcus Garvey is the greatest Hero of them all.

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