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.@OriginalKoffee’s “Toast” Featured In Trailer For @LoveAndHipHop: Family Reunion!

For those who love the drama, your screens come alive as the popular VH1 series “Love & Hip Hop” returns with another season. This time around, they reunite some of the original cast members in a series called, “Family Reunion“. Featuring some of your favourites from Atlanta, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, viewers will be tuning in for a lot of fights, outbursts, tears, and laughs while the cast members bring it during their stay in Jamaica. For the show’s new trailer, Dancehall/Reggae Artist Koffee makes an appearance through song.

In the trailer for “Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion“, Koffee’s hit single, “Toast” was featured. Produced by Izy Beats and released in 2018, “Toast” is Koffee’s most successful single with over 200 Million plays on Youtube, and Millions of streams on all your favorite platforms. “Toast” was featured in the Film “US“, and a few Commercials over the years, and remains Koffee’s signature tune. Get ready for “Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion” come November 28 on VH1!

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.@OriginalKoffee Finally Releases Her Debut Album, “Gifted”!

Koffee came in like a rapture a few years ago, and her season is still not over. The GRAMMY Award winning Artist has not taken her foot off of the gas, and she has a lot more ground to cover. Since making history with her debut EP, “Rapture“, fans have been anticipating a full length project from her. With high profile collaborations and appearances, plenty singles including “Lockdown” that came at a time where everywhere was on lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic, now is the time for Koffee to get in the right lane to make more awesomeness happen. Today, we finally get her debut album, “Gifted“.

Featuring 10 tracks, “Gifted” is the highly anticipated album from Koffee. She continues to show that her music is not boxed in, and she has her way and the stage to truly shine with the various sounds presented. J.L.L., Iotosh, JAE5, Frank Dukes, and Teflon Zincfence are a few of the featured Producers on the album, and Koffee effortlessly delivers on the beats. Plenty samples on here too. While fans may or may not want more songs on this project, we do know that Koffee has a lot more lined up for the world to hear. Will this album be a GRAMMY winning effort come 2023? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we get new Koffee songs!

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.@OriginalKoffee Performs “Shine” Ahead Of Her “Gifted” Album Release!

It’s getting closer to release day as GRAMMY winning Artist Koffee readies up for her debut album, “Gifted“. With a collection of singles and videos already out in support, Koffee has no problem in getting her fans anticipated. She ensures her fans are fed early as she released the single, “Shine”. Today, she amplifies it with a performance of the track.

Directed by Jim Wilmot and Charlie Sarsfield and shot at a 18th Century London Mansion, Koffee teamed up with Vevo for a live performance of “Shine“. She continues to give you her signature delivery, and owning the floor as she rocks the Mic and plays her Guitar. With outside opening up for Jamaica, we expect Koffee to grace the Jamaican stage in the coming weeks. Are you ready for “Gifted”?

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Koffee performs "Pull Up" on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on #Jamaica #Koffee #JimmyFallon #Dancehall #Music #FallonTonight

.@FallonTonight Called On @OriginalKoffee To “Pull Up”!

Recording Artist Koffee continues to dominate in her lane, doing big things in the process. The GRAMMY Award winner is still making hits, and is looking to finally give her fans her long awaited debut album, “Gifted” in March. Before she makes her album go live, she has to hit up a few places. She chose to “pull up” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday to perform, “Pull Up“.

Accompanied by the big band Chromatic sound and a few dancers, Koffee stepped out like the top Artist in a Dancehall session performing her latest single. There are no brakes in Koffee’s car, so she keeps going and pushing her brand to higher levels. The anticipation continues to grow for Koffee’s debut album, and we believe she has a lot more in store before then. Stay tuned!

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Koffee "Pull Up" for #Jamaica #German #Koffee #Lada #Benz #Ferrari #Caribbean #Dancehall

“Pull Up” To @OriginalKoffee’s New Video Ahead Of Debut Album, “Gifted”!

Koffee is ready for the spotlight once again. Fresh from being a part of the Soundtrack for the Netflix Film, “The Harder They Fall“, Koffee is giving you what you’ve been asking for a long time, her debut album. Before we get that however, find her speeding in her new video for the track, “Pull Up“.

Directed by KC Locke, Koffee gets into “Fast & The Furious” mode as she pulls up to the scene with a few cars. When she’s not hanging out of the passenger side, she’s partying it up in a Ferrari, an Audi, or even a Lada. “Pull Up” is the new single off of her just announced debut album, “Gifted“, and it’s about time the follow up to the GRAMMY winning “Rapture” EP made itself available. Expect a lot more Koffee this year, maybe an appearance in the new Fast & The Furious too (Maybe?). Kinda want a Lada now. “Gifted” will hit the streets on March 25.

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Koffee - West Indies for #Jamaica #Dancehall #Koffee

.@OriginalKoffee Returns To Party In The “West Indies”.

The last time we heard Recording Artist Koffee, she wanted to get into some “Lockdown” loving. Sadly, since the advent of the Covid 19 pandemic, our lives have experienced a series of lockdowns, but not of the loving kind. Some have said that the song jinxed us, but we’re still here dodging Covid, and trying to live our lives. Over a year since Koffee’s last single, she returns with her new single, “West Indies“.

Produced by iotosh, Koffee expresses her desire to enjoy her life in the great West Indies. She wants to have fun, she wants to party, and she wants to be around the people she loves. We feel the same way too, and for some of us, we have to live vicariously through those who are enjoying fully vaccinated lives without lockdowns, restrictions, and dangers thanks to the Coronavirus. Accompanying the single is a music video directed by Meji Alabi, Koffee, and JM Films that promotes family, friends, fun, and that amazing Island life. We’re treated to cameos from some very familiar faces as well, and the video has us missing all the “outside” has to offer. Koffee is back on the scene to run the place!

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