Mixtape Movements: @OGKingBNJMN – Since 1993

Rapper/Producer King BNJMN drops his highly anticipated project, “Since 1993“. Known for some unique productions over the years (and a few verses here and there), this makes it his first EP as an Artist as his previous effort, 2014’s “Wanderlust featured his prowess in crafting remixes and original production. With 8 tracks on deck, this features co-production from SOS Dynamikz, Nova, KRS, Oshi, and verses from DutchBoy, Von Alexander, Oshi, SOS Dynamikz, Scolla, Carpe DM, and Maurice Moore. Artwork done by GrayT Art! Stop whatever you’re doing and check out this EP below, and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem – Dear Wifeys and Mateys of the World…

WIFEYS! MATEYS! Lend me your eyes and ears!! MooreMayhem is back with another loaded clip! Lately in Dancehall music the big trend for female Deejays is to make songs about who is the “Wife” and who is the “Matey” along with the many tricks they use to “hold” their man. Many of these songs get the biggest “Forwards” (Pull up/Spins/Crowd Reaction) in the sessions and on radio stations. While i’m not a fan of them, it’s not my place to say anything so I let Miss Moore handle this….ENJOY!

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