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.@AfyahNation’s Love For Ganja Grows “Everyday” On Debut Single!

For some, weed smoking only happens on April 20 a.k.a. “420“, but for others, it happens everyday! Upcoming Artist Afyah is about that life as she delivers a love song for the herbs with her debut single, “Everyday“! Produced by Escaban, Afyah gives us her own blend of “Weed & B” as she professes her love for “Mary Jane“. Her delivery is perfect for those who have just gathered their freshly rolled spliffs, and want to just hop on board a Ganja flight. This one is not for the joker smokers, it’s time to get lifted!

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NEW MUSIC: @TheAlkaline – Everyday (RAW)

Official CoverDropping sexually explicit lyrics is the “Problem Child“, Alkaline. Titled “Everyday” and produced by Ever Strong Records on the “Gal Kraze Riddim“, Alkaline speaks about the lady who’s on his mind often, how she affects him and how he wants to do crazy things with her. This single will do its rounds thanks to the hook and despite the controversies, Alkaline still has a great following. What do you think of this song? Check it out below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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