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.@KxngIzem Doubles Up With “Midnight” & “Til Dawn” EPs

Recording Artist Kxng Izem has been building on his music and name for the past few years, and has gotten through a few doors in the process. With a number of singles and projects out, he maintains a steady work ethic, and has people eager to see what he’ll do next. This time around, he tries something new, and they’re called, “Midnight” and “Til Dawn“.

“Midnight” and “Til Dawn” are Kxng Izem’s latest EP releases. Doubling up this time around, he hopes this new endeavour gets in the right places, and levels up his profile. Featuring 6 songs each, Izem taps into different themes and topics, while giving listeners his signature sound and delivery. Production on the EPs come from his Ten24 Music, Island.Wav  Entertainment, Shakespeare Production, Sweet Rush Music, and Delagroove Production while Kalex and Mila.Akilah make guest appearances. Keep this one in rotation, and play it from midnight, til dawn!

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.@KxngIzem Shares Terrifying Realities On “Haunted”!

Jamaica is in trouble. While that may not be news to many of us, a lot has happened the shake the nation. With corruption and crime running rampant, it has left people seeking opportunities to leave the Island, and others having to go through various means to survive daily. Recording Artist Kxng Izem sheds a light on these and more in “Haunted“.

With a visualizer directed by Vartex Studio, Kxng Izem shares terrifying realities that is crippling the country. It may shock some who have seen Jamaica as this “Island Paradise“, but the residents living there haven’t been happy with the characters who are supposed to be making the country an ideal place to live and thrive. Kxng Izem shares his frustrations with comparisons of the nation’s state to that of Halloween, and the truth is, we need better leadership, and better opportunities for people to enjoy being here. “Haunted” was produced by Ten24 Music and JBeatz. Kxng Izem has been releasing content for a better part of this year, and is gearing up to release a new project soon.

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Chris Malachi brings friends together for Team Jamaica tribute on "We Move". 13thStreetPromotions.com

.@ChrisMalachi Brings Friends Together For A Massive Team Jamaica Tribute On “We Move”!

Recently, the world got to see some of the best Athletes compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. In true fashion, members of Team Jamaica represented well regardless if they medalled or not. If you follow music closely in Jamaica, you know that tributes to the Athletes would be on the way. First at the finish line with one is Recording Artist Chris Malachi, and a bunch of his friends for the track, “We Move“.

Produced by Yo Christon and Chris Malachi, “We Move” also features Blvk H3ro, Naomi Cowan, Diel, Yung Ras, Ras-I, Kxng Izem, Royal Blu, Zhayna, and Monifa Goss who all delivered well for an epic tribute. We know this track will inspire many other tributes, and we will celebrate them like we did our Athletes in the past few weeks. We’ve seen many who were counted out become Medalists, years old records being broken, confidence through the roof for many, and despite some having setbacks, they’ll return to the track with a lot more determination in Paris 2024. What was/were your favourite Tokyo 2020 moments? Give “We Move” the Gold Medal!

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.@KxngIzem Continues On A Fiery Path With @TheRoyalBlu Featured “Uno”!

2021 found Kxng Izem giving his all, and amplifying his hustle with the release of new music via the “Wildfire EP“. Since its release, it has been receiving quite a lot of praise and streams worldwide, and Izem’s continuing to apply pressure with content in support of the EP. Previously stated that will shoot a visual for every track on the EP, he completes that mission with the video for “Uno“.

Directed by Jus Hugh Production, “Uno” is the much anticipated collaboration between Kxng Izem and Royal Blu, and they bring the best out of each other over the Ten24 Music production. The video features some dope editing, and the chemistry between Izem and Blu is put on full display. Kxng Izem is back to making more music behind the scenes, but for now, we get to see that when he steps out, he does it in a big way. The folks in high places who claim to be in support of the Creatives, take note, as we’re not playing around! The “Wildfire EP” is available on all digital music streaming platforms.

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.@KxngIzem Scores “Dubby’s” Win, Prepares Upcoming EP Release

Emerging Recording Artiste Kxng Izem has been consistently building his brand, and delivering a unique Reggae Fusion sound to listeners worldwide for a number of years. With a collection of singles and projects to his name, he looks to build his ever-growing catalogue in 2021, and beyond. His work hasn’t gone unnoticed however, and he recently gained some well needed recognition for it.

2021 saw the advent of the first staging of the “Dubby’s”, an online award event series held by Dubwise Jamaica, the premiere event that was an early advocate of the “Reggae Revival” movement. Co-founded by Jason Panton, the “Dubby’s” was birthed out of a need to recognize local artistes for their contributions to the Jamaican music culture. Held on February 27, Kxng Izem emerged a winner in the “New Coup Breakout Artiste Of 2020” category. Fellow nominees in the category included Leno Banton, Blvk H3ro, Runkus, Joby Jay, Wayne J, and Royal Blu. 2020 found Kxng Izem releasing the singles like “Cool and Easy”, “Brighter Days”, “Stone Love”, and “Sunday Morning”, and looks to follow up with the release of his latest EP, “Wildfire”.

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We Highlight Some Of @BlvkH3ro’s Collabs In Our Latest Playlist!

Today (October 3), Recording Artist/Herb Connoisseur Blvk H3ro celebrates his birthday. An artist who has steadily worked his way up the ranks in the new generation of creatives, many are just getting familiar with his works. He has a lot more to conquer, so get onboard and witness his journey to the top. To help celebrate his birthday, we invite you to check out some of his many features/collaborations in the “Call Blvk H3roPlaylist! If you’re not up to speed on him yet, check out some of our posts on him here. Respect to Jeana Lindo for the photo featured on our cover. Check out some of her work here. Check out the Playlist below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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