NEW VIDEO: @ViceNews Presents: Jamaican Bud Business

VNWith all the talks of Jamaica decriminalizing Marijuana, Vice News visited the island to learn the possibilities of this upcoming move. Marijuana has been illegal in Jamaica for many decades although it has been synonymous with the Rastafarian culture and Reggae music. Featuring Interviews from member of Parliament Raymond Pryce, Professor Henry Lowe of Medicanja, Senator Mark Golding, Dr. Dayton Campbell, various farmers and users, they all give their take on the subject and speak on how it could or could not benefit the people and the island. With talks surrounding getting licenses, profits and benefits for the farmer and Tourism, what will the future hold? Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @SOJALive


Since Bob Marley’s rise in stardom, he has been one of the artists that helped to put Jamaica and Reggae Music on the map in a major way, and was also an influence to many worldwide. Since then Jamaica has been the one stop shop for foreigners to learn about the music and culture to share in their own way. Reggae band SOJA was one of the groups that were influenced by the culture and Bob Marley’s music and were interviewed by Winford Williams earlier. Here the Virginia based Reggae band spoke about their start, their influences, how Bob Marley grasped their attention, being the leading Reggae act in America and recognized greatly worldwide in their 13 year career. They also spoke about Religion, Reggae still being dominant in the future and many more topics. Very interesting Interview, Reggae Music has touched many lives worldwide. With Bob Marley being the top artist even after his passing, many were influenced and followed in his footsteps. If you’ve never heard of SOJA before, I suggest you get some of their music now. Check out the videos below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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