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It’s Time To “Puff, Puff, Pass” With Our 4/20 Soundtrack!

Happy 4/20! If you’re unfamiliar with the 20th of April, then you definitely need to be outside more (haha). Every year Stoners celebrate the day of consuming enormous amounts of Marijuana. Coined in 1971 by “The Waldos” during their attempt to locate an abandoned Cannabis crop, the day is celebrated worldwide, and everyone is invited! To help your celebration, we’ve provided 11 weed songs that you’ve either never heard of before, or haven’t heard in a long time. Enjoy, and save a spliff for me!

1. Sizzla – Smoke Your Herb (2006)

2. Elephant Man x Mr. Vegas – Bun It (1999)

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NEW VIDEO: @ViceNews Presents: Jamaican Bud Business

VNWith all the talks of Jamaica decriminalizing Marijuana, Vice News visited the island to learn the possibilities of this upcoming move. Marijuana has been illegal in Jamaica for many decades although it has been synonymous with the Rastafarian culture and Reggae music. Featuring Interviews from member of Parliament Raymond Pryce, Professor Henry Lowe of Medicanja, Senator Mark Golding, Dr. Dayton Campbell, various farmers and users, they all give their take on the subject and speak on how it could or could not benefit the people and the island. With talks surrounding getting licenses, profits and benefits for the farmer and Tourism, what will the future hold? Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: @PuppaChezidek – Leave The Trees (2006)

In recognition of yesterday’s “420” celebrations, today I feature a song from Reggae artist Chezidek. Titled “Leave The Trees” and produced by Hugh “Bunny Dan” Miller for Our Promotions in 2006, Chezidek warns us about the effects of drugs and alcohol while proclaiming that Marijuana is beneficial to the people and should not be discarded by the law enforcement as burning it harms the environment. He also sings about the positive effects of Marijuana where it is medicine and can be made into clothing and proceeds from selling it could support families.

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NEW VIDEO: @NoiseyMusic Jamaica Dancehall Show: Episode 9: @PopcaanMusic (Pt. Few)


Today’s episode of Noisey Jamaica Dancehall Show features deejay Popcaan for a 2nd time. After Reggae Sumfest in the last episode, Codine Williams visited Popcaan at the Half Moon Hotel to interview him, and Interact with him and his “Unruly Gang“. He spoke about his meeting with Snoop Dogg, his style of music, weed, and few other things. Interesting to see Codine joining Popcaan for a smoke, she’s coughing alot. It’s all about Popcaan, and no other artists. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @IamVinDon x @HardDayzSoReal x @Cillawesumore – Kush


Fancy a smoke? Well bring your papers and herbs and roll up with BluRok! Titled “Kush” and directed by #Epic Films, we see Vindon, Hard Dayz and CillAwesumore all chilling out on a couch smoking, rapping and preparing smokes. Purple and green…good stuff. Off the upcoming “DemiGod” mixtape, check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @SnoopDogg x @Mavado_Gully x @PopCaanMusic – Lighters Up


After premiering the single a few weeks back, Snoop Dogg finally released the video for his collaborative effort with Mavado and Popcaan. Titled “Lighters Up“, the three artists create bonfires, flick lighters, smoke weed and promote unity everywhere they go. Cool marching band Snoop, “Bun Division!” Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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