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Gage Offers A Dose Of “Motivation” In New Video!

Gage’s musical journey is not over. While the Artist has enjoyed a lot of controversy over the years, many started to write him off because of it. Turning a new page however, he has made some changes in his life, and promises to deliver real hits. Today, he offers to uplift and motivate in his new video, “Motivation“. Directed by CG Studios and featuring a cameo from popular music promoter Walk & Talk, Gage sheds light on his career, getting support for his music in the industry, gets at Politicians, and letting those who are going through things know that genuine people are out there who can relate and will assist in any way. Life is not a bed of Roses, but it gets easier once you have faith.

Watch the video below.

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Going Down: Songs With Taboo Lyrics In Dancehall

Recently, a certain Artist opened a can of worms with a rather “spicy” single. While folks are in a uproar about it, we’ve heard it all before. The Dancehall culture has had a stance on certain sexual practices for years, but with more people having an open mind, some Artists tend to stir the pot by adding taboo themes in their singles. Here are a few that sparked the conversation.

1. Sycamore Tree – Lady Saw (1996)

In a year when the “Joyride Riddim” was taking over airwaves, the Dancehall Artist born Marion Hall used her platform to chase away men who wanted oral “favors” on “Sycamore Tree”. At the time, a woman who was known to do such things were often chastised, even from the recipients. Things have changed in 20 years…Do you remember?

2. Tanya Stephens – Freaky Type (1998)

Before your favourite Artist did it, Tanya was not afraid to put a spotlight on it. If you “burned” it out in public, but did it in the dark, you may not have liked this song. To Tanya it was always the ones most vocal against it were the “professionals”. Over a Baddis Production, she sure liked the “Freaky Type”.

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@OnstageTV Interviews @TheAlkaline


After causing quite some controversy last year, what does 2015 have in store for Alkaline? Tonight on Onstage he spoke on being public enemy #1, his absence from Sting 2014, focusing on his career and claiming to being above many of his musical peers, avoiding clashes, “Vendetta“, his performance at Reggae Sumfest 2014, his new look, his debut appearance in the US and more music. Despite being a target in Dancehall, Alkaline continued to make a name for himself worldwide. You can’t help but respect that. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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VIDEO: @TommyLeeSparta vs @Gage_Almighty @RynoDiStinger vs @Kipponubehavior At @ReggaeSting 2014

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In the early morning of Sting 2014, two of the most anticipated clashes happened with Black Ryno vs Kiprich and Tommy Lee Sparta vs Gage. With some delays things kicked off with Tommy Lee Sparta vs Gage with Ryno joining in. Following this was Black Ryno vs Kiprich which went on for a while till it got physical and abruptly ended the Dancehall/Reggae event. Good to see that Tommy Lee and Gage didn’t get physical but I was disappointed in the Ryno/Kiprich altercation. More performances to come. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @MasickaMusic


In the wake of this “Sting Season“, the news of Masicka parting ways with Konshens raised questions and of course choice words. Tonight Masicka aims to clear the air on the split and more with Winford Williams. Here he spoke on the events leading up to the split and not dissing Konshens, his “Loyalty” track, Sting 2014 and his willingness to clash with any artist, his feud with Demarco, his thoughts on Alkaline and Gage, and upcoming performances. Not a bad Interview, Masicka said a lot here and I’m looking forward to his gig at Sting and just maybe a little clash with Demarco. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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NEW MUSIC: @TommyLeeSparta – Bad Man Dawg


With Sting 2014 closing in, It’s only right that one of the contenders taunts his competition. Going at Alkaline and Gage today is Tommy Lee Sparta with “Bad Man Dawg“. Produced by UIM Records, the Sparta boss gets at the artists for dissing Vybz Kartel and claiming to be bad when to him they’re not. I’m looking forward to when they take it to the Sting stage and see who really comes out the winner. What do you think? Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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