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.@TheNomaddz & Eriq Sterling Drop “Clarkz Like Dis” To Celebrate The Iconic Footwear Brand

Nothing like a good pair of Clarks shoes to enhance your outlook on life eh? While we put you on to knowing the real pairs from the fake with Kevin2woKrayzee 4 years ago, today we celebrate the iconic Footwear Brand with The No-Maddz! While they released the Eriq Sterling assisted and Walshy Fire and The Wixard produced single recently, they double up today with the music video for “Clarkz Like Dis“! Shot in the UK by Henry Robinson and directed by the now duo of Sheldon Shepherd and Everaldo Creary along with Miael McGeachy, we get a colourful visual highlighting the many silhouettes that Clarks has to offer along with some unique fashion pieces. We also get a bit of social commentary throughout so stay woke. A 4 minute and 20 second video? Stoners unite! Whether you’re a Desert Clarks wearer from Downtown Kingston, a Bankrobber stepper in Brixton, or a Wallabee don from New York, we all can appreciate this selection. Who has a Clarks like dis? Show off your favourite pair, check out the video below, and share with a friend. Show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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NEW VIDEO: @Kevin2woKrayzee – How To Know If Your Clarks Are Fake

K2KThe Clarks shoe brand has been a staple in Jamaican and some Hip Hop fashion for decades. As with other popular brands, fakes are made and today Kevin2woKrayzee shows us how to tell when a Clarks shoe is fake. In a hilarious take on the subject, Kevin tells us what to look for when purchasing your next Wallabees or “BankRobberClarks. In related news, “ClarksDeejay Popcaan released his debut album today, get it here. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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