Swade Reviews: @FiveSteez – War For Peace

In a music industry where the best Dancehall artiste of the last and current decades is locked away from the world and artistes are either attempting to win fans over with a new sound or copy from what sells, there’s one Jamaican rapper that aims to prove to the world that his brand of Hip Hop music is worth many replays. Five Steez is currently the best Jamaican hip hop artiste that you’ve never heard of…until now. Armed with lyrics that promotes consciousness and paints pictures of his surroundings and experiences he has faced, he doesn’t sell you bad man dreams and demon wishes but instead gives you that raw rap.

Titled “War For Peace“, this is Steez‘ debut album and it features 13 songs that includes social commentary, storytelling, and raw lyricism over soulful production. Reminiscent of music from rappers Nas, Kool G. Rap, and Rakim, he attempts to separate himself from them and does a good job. With production from The Patents, Inztinkz, Damien, DJ King Flow, Dahj Di Dadz and featured acts such as Nomad Carlos, Shaq The MC and Kabaka Pyramid, this is not a rushed product but something you can just put on your PC or music device and just vibe to.

Five Steez starts off the project with “Propheticz” where he introduces himself to the listener over Inztinkz‘ grimy beat. “Dreams Deferred” which was produced by Damien, Steez gets his storytelling on and raps about the rise and fall of 2 individuals. Five Steez even sympatizes with the working man on “Slaving on the Plantation” where he speaks on the hardships of a 9 to 5 job while having ambitions of becoming a big success. “I Am” showcases Steez and Kabaka Pyramid trading bars about who they really are over a pretty sick soulful Damien beat. One thing is clear, apart from the lyrics Five Steez can pick his beats. None of the beats selected were made to put you to sleep or hiss your teeth in disappointment, many albums start off with great instrumentals and fall flat in the middle because or poor choices but this has none.

A pretty good compilation of songs, superb production, dope lyrics and features make War For Peace a great choice this year. Though it may be coming from an unlikely place, it sounds universal. It may not feature your favourite artiste in the mainstream but these guests do hold their own and don’t tear down the album. Strong debut from Five Steez and new listeners will be pleased. This is that Yard Nigga Rap not that Bubble Gum Rap!

War For Peace can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby. SUPPORT LOCAL HIP HOP!



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