Mixtape Movements: @FiveSteez: War For Peace (The Remix EP)

Today’s entry comes from a regular to my blog, Five Steez. If you owned a copy of his debut album War For Peace, you’re gonna love his new offering. Titled War For Peace (The Remix EP), this is a remix of 6 fan favourites off the album from producers such as Zitro, Inztinkz and DJ MTM. This is a nice take on the original tracks from the album, I’m sure there are a few of us who have heard these tracks on different beats in our heads. For those who download it off Fivesteez.com, you will be rewarded with a bonus track. Check out the EP below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @FiveSteez x @NomadCarlos – Wanna Be Free (Dir. By @ItsLynky x @SimonTheWriter)


Today’s new music video comes from rappers Five Steez and Nomad Carlos. Titled “Wanna Be Free” and directed by ItsLynky and Simon The Writer we hear the rappers speaking on wanting to be free from oppression and dropping some knowledge while highlighting a few landmarks in kingston. Very good song and as always a good visual. Off track 10 off “War For Peace” which is available on iTunes, check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @FiveSteez x @Inztinkz – Propheticz (Dir. By @itsLynky)


Five Steez has been making moves lately, one of them happens to be today’s video titled “Propheticz“. Directed by @ItsLynky, Five Steez and fellow Jamaican rapper Inztinkz trade bars while being on the lookout. Simple, no need for the extra effects, just two rappers doing their jobs. Check out the video and press release below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Swade Reviews: @FiveSteez – War For Peace

In a music industry where the best Dancehall artiste of the last and current decades is locked away from the world and artistes are either attempting to win fans over with a new sound or copy from what sells, there’s one Jamaican rapper that aims to prove to the world that his brand of Hip Hop music is worth many replays. Five Steez is currently the best Jamaican hip hop artiste that you’ve never heard of…until now. Armed with lyrics that promotes consciousness and paints pictures of his surroundings and experiences he has faced, he doesn’t sell you bad man dreams and demon wishes but instead gives you that raw rap.

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