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.@FiveSteez Tells His Story As A “Dreamer” On New Single!

A dream is just the beginning when you’re on a mission to achieve greatness. Rapper Five Steez knows that too well as he continues his journey in music. With the follow up to his 2016 Mordecai Beats assisted collab project “HeatRockz” on the way, he aims to hold listeners over with the single, “Dreamer“. With Mordecai handling the production, the track features Shaq The MC on the hook as Steez shares bits of his life growing up and pursuing his passion, music. This song is also motivation for those who have dreams to build on them. Not a fan of the delivery of the hook on “Pete Sweat’s” part, but the track is a good listen overall. “Love N Art” is the name of the followup project, and sees a 2019 release. Artwork by ScottyDreamz a.k.a. “Badmind Repellant“. Hold on to your dreams. Check out the track below and share with a friend. Show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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Mixtape Movements: @FiveSteez: War For Peace (The Remix EP)

Today’s entry comes from a regular to my blog, Five Steez. If you owned a copy of his debut album War For Peace, you’re gonna love his new offering. Titled War For Peace (The Remix EP), this is a remix of 6 fan favourites off the album from producers such as Zitro, Inztinkz and DJ MTM. This is a nice take on the original tracks from the album, I’m sure there are a few of us who have heard these tracks on different beats in our heads. For those who download it off Fivesteez.com, you will be rewarded with a bonus track. Check out the EP below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Swade Reviews: @FiveSteez – War For Peace

In a music industry where the best Dancehall artiste of the last and current decades is locked away from the world and artistes are either attempting to win fans over with a new sound or copy from what sells, there’s one Jamaican rapper that aims to prove to the world that his brand of Hip Hop music is worth many replays. Five Steez is currently the best Jamaican hip hop artiste that you’ve never heard of…until now. Armed with lyrics that promotes consciousness and paints pictures of his surroundings and experiences he has faced, he doesn’t sell you bad man dreams and demon wishes but instead gives you that raw rap.

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Written Works: @FiveSteez “War For Peace” (Tracklisting)

War For Peace is almost here! Five Steez aims to put Jamaican Hip Hop on the map with his debut offering. With Damien and Inztinkz handling most of the production and features from Kabaka, Nomad Carlos and Shaq The MC, this promises to be a hit. Check out the tracklisting above and more info below…

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NEW MUSIC: Five Steez (@FiveSteez) – Rebel Music x Growing Pains

Five Steez is making moves. In anticipation of the War For Peace sampler Friday and the album later this year, Steez dropped off couple songs in promotion. First off is Rebel Music, produced by Dahj Da Dadz & Bravo, nice production by the way for the family, friends, and all the thugs. Next track is Growing Pains produced by Dawit and features Shaq The MC. Check them out below…ENJOY!!!

Rebel Music

Growing Pains (ft. Shaq The MC)

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