Mixtape Movements: @ArkHouseMusic Presents: @Mr_K_Green a.k.a Sosa – Made In America

Made In America Cover

Armed with gritty lyrics and top production is Brooklyn bred Producer/MC Sosa with his new project, “Made In America“. Released through the newly formed ArkHouse Music Group, this is described as a conceptual album boasting 8 tracks filled with dope lyrics described as “90s Boom Bap mixed with Coke Rap”, and awesome sampled production that reveals 90’s Hip Hop influences. If you’re a fan of that “First Coast” movement and none of that filler music, this is for you. Honestly, I’m waiting to hear Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap, RseenalFive Steez and even AZ jumping on some of these tracks. Check out the project below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


Made In America Track List

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Swade Reviews: @FiveSteez – War For Peace

In a music industry where the best Dancehall artiste of the last and current decades is locked away from the world and artistes are either attempting to win fans over with a new sound or copy from what sells, there’s one Jamaican rapper that aims to prove to the world that his brand of Hip Hop music is worth many replays. Five Steez is currently the best Jamaican hip hop artiste that you’ve never heard of…until now. Armed with lyrics that promotes consciousness and paints pictures of his surroundings and experiences he has faced, he doesn’t sell you bad man dreams and demon wishes but instead gives you that raw rap.

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