NEW MUSIC: @LadySawDHQueen – Heaven

LSAfter promising her fans that she’ll show another side of her in upcoming music, Lady Saw finally released the first of many Gospel songs. Titled “Heaven” and recorded at Drop Di Bass Jamaica studio, Lady Saw goes by her government name this time around and handles the production duties under her Diva Records label. In the song expresses how she desires to be in Heaven with her Lord and Savior and the joy she’d receive once she’s there. She also desires to let go of all her material riches because she knows she’ll have all that and more in Heaven. Not a bad effort from Marion Hall here, in some parts of her singing she sounds a little like Carlene Davis. This is not the first time she’s doing Gospel and she has even hinted that there’s an album in the works. What do you think of her change? No more Lady Saw? Check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.



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4 thoughts on “NEW MUSIC: @LadySawDHQueen – Heaven

  1. All of the above is correct the only thing that’s wrong is it was produce by Marion Hall that’s me for Divas Record recorded at Drop Di Bass studio thank u.

  2. Beautiful words ,,,, Lady Saw it doesn’t matter if you sing gospel or dancehall lyrics whatever you do, you do it best ! And again beautiful words.

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