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Minister Marion Hall Fires Back With “Sorry To Hurt Your Feelings”!

Minister Marion Hall’s journey hasn’t been an easy one. Formerly known as Dancehall Artist Lady Saw, we have witnessed her transition from a Dancehall Artist to a Christian, to a Minister in the faith. There are some who have applauded her changes, and there are some who doubt her walk, and believe she’ll be back to her old self soon. While it has been a few years, Marion Hall is still walking, and she has reinvented herself. She speaks on a few things in the music video for the single, “Sorry To Hurt Your Feelings“.

Directed by Ariff Butler/Bloozick Filmworks, Marion Hall is clapping back at the Devil, and all those who have wished for her demise. She smiles in the face of badmind, and gives God thanks for her blessings as no evil can harm her, or put her in a destitute position. She has been ministering to many around the world, and she has been releasing content that help people to better their lives. While many wish for the old Lady Saw, she has closed that chapter. The Minister is having fun, and it shows in her visual, and she can only elevate from here. Sorry not sorry.

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Lady Saw’s “Strip Tease” Featured In @GhostStarz Episode 1

Dancehall music continues to find itself everywhere, and bringing nothing but vibes. The popular series Power premiered its spinoff series “Power Book II: Ghost” yesterday, and fans worldwide tuned in. While the main character Ghost is no longer in the series, it’s everyone’s favourite character to hate, Tariq to be the headliner. While viewers checked out the premiere episode, Dancehall fans were taken aback by the inclusion of a classic track, “Strip Tease” by Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Dancehall Queen, Lady Saw.

Produced by Christopher Birch and released in 2004 through Big Yard Music, “Strip Tease” is one of Lady Saw’s classic singles. The single was featured on her 2004 album of the same name. “Strip Tease” was previously featured on the soundtrack for the hit video game, “Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition“. The original Power series featured Sister Nancy’s classic, “Bam Bam. While Minister Marion Hall has done away with her life as Lady Saw for the Christian life, fans are thrilled to still be able to hear the classics. What’s your favourite Lady Saw single?

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We Look Back At Danny Browne’s “Filthy Riddim” In Our Throwback Playlist Series!

With Nicki Minaj’sMegatron” single out and doing numbers, it’s only right you get a quick history lesson on the sample. Assisting with that, we go into Playlist mode and highlight the “Filthy Riddim” in our #13thStreetThrowback Playlist Series! The Riddim was released in 1998 and produced by Danny Browne for Mainstreet Records. It gave birth to some classics including Lady G.’sBreeze Off“, Spragga Benz’sShe Nuh Ready Yet“, Mr. Vegas‘ “Heads High“, and General Degree’sTraffic Blocking“.

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DyDy Drops The New Female Anthem, “Stress Free”!

Recording Artist/Internet Personality DyDy is back with another anthem for the ladies! The “Pineapple Queen” has been on a roll since the release of the single, “2 Can“, and is aiming to rack up more fans. While she had ladies quoting “Pineapple Fi Di Pum Pum“, she now wants them to be more empowered on the single, “Stress Free“. Produced by Track Starr Music, DyDy isn’t here for the “f*** boys“, is all about her marriage to the dollars, and is determined to stay progressive no matter what or who comes her way. DyDy also paid homage to the former Dancehall Artist Queen Lady Saw (now Minister Marion Hall) as she quoted a couple lines from the hit, “Man Is Di Least“. Let this one blaze many trails as it will empower the ladies and encourage them to stay on top of things. Keep your heads high ladies, life is about making great things happen. Check out the track below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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Kick Off International Women’s Day With Our “Woman Run Tings!” Playlist!

March 8th is recognized worldwide as International Women’s Day. This day highlights women all over the world who doing great things in every category you can think of. We salute you today, so how about a lil music? Hopping on our Spotify channel, we’ve compiled a few tracks that empower women…inna Dancehall style! Titled “Woman Run Tings!“, listeners can enjoy almost an hour’s worth of tracks performed by Jamaican female Dancehall Artists who show women in power positions, maintaining independence, holding their own, and demanding respect. Salute to all the women who have made an impact on our lives, those who are making power moves, and those involved in the development of this very Blog! We hope we did a good job here, feel free to follow the Playlist, and follow us on Spotify! Check it out below.

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We Show Love To The Other Girls On Our “Sidechick Day” Playlist!

How was your Valentine’s Day? Was it filled with Flowers, Chocolate, fancy dates, and a wild night? No? He was busy? Well…um…that’s sad to hear. If you know what’s up, then you might be the Sidechick, and we have some music for you today! Many recognize today, February 15, as “International Sidechick Day“, and we kick things off with our very own Spotify Playlist! If you know you have him on lock a couple days a week, if you know that he’ll appear at the drop of a dime, if you know you can rock his socks off better than his main lady can, then vibe to this Playlist at a high volume. If you’re not the Sidechick, and you two really couldn’t spend VDay together, then check out our “Dancehall Love” Playlist and make up for time lost. Press play on The Sidechick Day Playlist below!

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