Mixtape Rave With @Shanny_14

Lifestyle Blogger ShannyDeLioness is back for another week of “Mixtape Rave“! This week she serves you an array of Mixtapes she’s been feeling over the past 7 days. If you missed the previous installments, check them out here.

1. Soca Synergy: Trinidad Carnival Starter Pack Vol. 2 – DJ Captain John

I literally have been listening to this mix EVERY DAY for the past few weeks since I downloaded it. I have officially dubbed it my “Jamaica Carnival Starter Pack” mix. When I went to Mas Camp last Friday, I knew EVERY 2016 Soca song out of Trinidad (except the recent releases) thanks to DJ Captain John and this mix.


2. Soca Exposure (2016 Carnival Preview)- DJ Lantern MD

I sit and wait for DJ Lantern MD’s Soca mixes EVERY YEAR and I am never disappointed… this mix is no different. In this mix he has not only Trinidad releases but also Bajan Soca and my favourite song out of Grenada Carnival 2015! Nonstop vibes!


3. No New Soca Mix – Young G (KSP Productions)

If you are a Soca OG you will definitely love this mix. It was a good reminder of why I fell in love with Soca music in the first place!


4. Lovers’ Rock – LAING D LIVE – Portland [EARLY] [RE-UP]- Laing D The DJ

Taking it back home to Jamrock with Laing the DJ. I wish this mix was longer than 33 minutes! If you listen to this mix and find yourself not rocking after the first minute, there is simply no help for you!


5. Old Skool Hip Hop/Rap Podcast #1 – DJ Jer

Taking you back to the days when you record your favourite songs off a cassette, or burning loads of CDs is DJ Jer with his first edition of his Old Skool Hip Hop/Rap Podcast. Put away all the stresses from earlier and kick back to some dope selections! Thank DJ Jer later.






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