OLDIES SUNDAY: @TheSherylRalph – In The Evening (1984)

You’ve seen her on TV, you’ve witnessed her performances on Broadway, you’ve assisted in her various causes over the years, but did you know Sheryl Lee Ralph is also a Singer? Today’s Oldies Sunday showcases a moment in her singing career with “In The Evening“! Produced by Trevor Lawrence and written by Lawrence and Frank Musker, this Dance/Pop single was released in 1984 and was a part of her only album, “In The Evening” on the The New York Music Company Label. On the single, Sheryl sings about the challenges of living in New York City, but all that is pushed aside when she becomes a part of the nightlife where she states, “The real me comes alive“.

Released around the time when Dance numbers ruled the night, “In The Evening” peaked to #6 on the US Billboard Dance Music/Club Play Singles Chart and peaked at #16, #18, and #64 in Belgium, The Netherlands, and England respectively. The single also resurfaced in the 90s where it was remixed by various Producers including European Producers Mr. B, The Kinky Boyz, and Jon Dixon to name a few. While Sheryl Lee Ralph released more music after “In The Evening“, she put a halt to her music to focus more on her Activism and Film and Theatre career in which she is very successful.

Thank You Sheryl Lee Ralph For This Tune!






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