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Chxpz & Gold Gad Battle It Out On “Choppa Vs Artist”!

There will always be money debates coming from these type of people: The ones who have it, the ones who don’t have it, and the ones who pretend to have it. Social Media gets flooded with Hustlers, “Gurus”, Scammers, and folks with wild imaginations who will tell you their way is the only way to be successful, and get rich. In the music scene, we have Artists and Scammers having competitions to see who has the bigger bankroll, with the public picking their own winner. Today, Recording Artists Chxpz and Gold Gad battle it out on “Choppa Vs Artist“.

With a video directed by 4 Cawna Visual, Chxpz and Gold Gad trade bars about who lives the richer life, a successful Recording Artist, or a Scammer a.k.a. a “Choppa“. One lives to create music, perform it, and collect the benefits from doing so, while the other performs rituals, and uses various unethical methods to ensure their pockets are loaded with money, and they can live the life they want to. One says he can sleep comfortably knowing he got his money in a way with no repercussions, the other strongly believes he’ll never be broke and will always live the best life. It’s a never-ending battle between the Choppas and the Artists, but whatever side you chose, make sure it’s a safe one. Chxpz and Gold Gad have been enjoying success in their respective careers, gaining large followings in the process. The collaboration shows that they go well together, and we look forward to more from them.

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Minister Marion Hall "Sorry To Hurt Your Feelings" on #Jamaica #GospelMusic #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #MarionHall #MinisterMarionHall #LadySaw #SorryToHurtYourFeelings #Caribbean

Minister Marion Hall Fires Back With “Sorry To Hurt Your Feelings”!

Minister Marion Hall’s journey hasn’t been an easy one. Formerly known as Dancehall Artist Lady Saw, we have witnessed her transition from a Dancehall Artist to a Christian, to a Minister in the faith. There are some who have applauded her changes, and there are some who doubt her walk, and believe she’ll be back to her old self soon. While it has been a few years, Marion Hall is still walking, and she has reinvented herself. She speaks on a few things in the music video for the single, “Sorry To Hurt Your Feelings“.

Directed by Ariff Butler/Bloozick Filmworks, Marion Hall is clapping back at the Devil, and all those who have wished for her demise. She smiles in the face of badmind, and gives God thanks for her blessings as no evil can harm her, or put her in a destitute position. She has been ministering to many around the world, and she has been releasing content that help people to better their lives. While many wish for the old Lady Saw, she has closed that chapter. The Minister is having fun, and it shows in her visual, and she can only elevate from here. Sorry not sorry.

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Alwin Reingoud "Sweet Dream" on #Suriname #Disco #discomusic #music #popmusic #13thStreetPromotions #AlwinReingoud #SweetDream #TikTok #1981 #Caribbean #TjonnaRecords #OldiesSunday

OLDIES SUNDAY: Alwin Reingoud – “Sweet Dream” (1981)

Happy Sunday! Ready to get into some Old School vibes? Today, we’re gonna give you something different. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we head over to Suriname to check out Alwin Reingoud’sSweet Dream“!

Produced by Ricardo Tjon Akon and released through Tjonna Records in 1981, we get some Disco Funk vibes on “Sweet Dream”. During a time when other parts of the world wanted Disco to die, the Dutch West Indies showed that they could keep the vibe going with music that kept the people rocking. “Sweet Dream” possessed great production, lyrics, and melodies that the listener can’t help but dance to. “Sweet Dream” was described as a “Disco Killer“, and gained popularity thanks to various DJs playing it. As far as we know, “Sweet Dream” is Alwin Reingoud’s first of two releases, and it was included on a collaborative LP featuring Roy Ooft, and a “Boogie and Disco Funk” compilation. It gained some attention recently on TikTok, and has been considered a rare groove. Ready to boogie? Time to press play.

Thank You Alwin Reingoud For This Classic!

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Marksman x Nile "Run E' Grung" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #ChopDancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #Marksman #Nile #RunEGrung #Caribbean #Choppa

Marksman & Nile Are Taking Over With “Run E’ Grung”!

Regardless of the debates, the era of “Chop Dancehall” is very active. While some may not see it doing much damage internationally, it continues gain a following, and has been making its rounds on Social Media. One of the newer names to the scene is the “Student Choppa“, Marksman. Having gained popularity thanks to platforms like TikTok, only time will tell how much more of an impact he will have on Dancehall. He continues his takeover with the video for the single, “Run E’ Grung“.

Featuring Recording Artist Nile in a KD Visualz directed video, Marksman gets into detail on some of the crazy things that happen in his life over a Javdon Musiq production. With Nile sharing some details, two continue to show that they make great music together, and fans can look forward to more collaborations. “Run E’ Grung” was already enjoying viral success thanks to Instagram Reels and TikTok, and the video looks to do numbers on Youtube. What’s next for Marksman? Stay tuned to find out.

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Heph B ft. Bugle & Laa Lee "Big Boy (Remix)" on #Jamaica #Nigeria #Texas #Dancehall #Afrobeats #AfroDancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #HephB #LaaLee #LaaLeeRanks #BugleAn9ted #BigBoy #BigBoyRemix #Caribbean

.@HephB1 Enlists @BugleAn9ted & Laa Lee For “Big Boy (Remix)”!

AfroDancehall King Heph B claimed 2022 to be one of his years, and it has been paying off for him greatly. Reeling off of the continued success of his “AMARII” album from 2021, he enjoyed Billboard success thanks to the single, “Big Boy“. With the summer coming to a close, he looks to end with a bang with the star studded “Big Boy (Remix)“!

Featuring Dancehall heavyweights Bugle and Laa Lee, we get a remix that is as rich as it sounds, and you will be dancing! With the original bouncy production and Laa Lee, Bugle, and Heph B each in top form, you’ll want to put on your finest threads to fully enjoy this track. This one is for the Royalty in you, keep this one in your Playlist. The original version got a lot of love through the “Big Boy Challenge“, but the remix may be a part of a bigger, more luxurious situation. A music video for “Big Boy (Remix)” is in its beginning stages, and is expected to be released in the coming weeks. Get your speakers, designer clothes, money, and mind ready, and enjoy this tune!

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Kyng Tavii & Prince Pine on #Jamaica #Comedy #PrincePine #KyngTavii #Boxing #Fight #13thStreetPromotions #Caribbean

.@KyngTavii & @Prince_Pine Reunite In The Boxing Ring In New Video!

Something good has happened today. What has been asked for a number of years is finally happening. Jamaican Comedians Kyng Tavii and Prince Pine have reunited. Early fans would know them from skits that brought them to prominence along with Fat Skull, Twani Price, and Kyng Taj, the two have had their differences over the years with no possibility of mending the friendship. Today is a new day however, and they reunite in the Boxing ring for their new video.

With a Boxing match hosted by “Beeevus” and “Butt Head“, we’re tuned in to some “Big Time Boxing” where Kyng Tavii and Prince Pine will exchange jabs, heavy punches, and slaps. Who will be the victor of this match? Stay tuned to find out! With some years behind them, Kyng Tavii and Prince Pine have been enjoying various opportunities thanks to their talent, and we’re glad to see this reunion. We look forward to even more from them.

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