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.@BlvkH3ro, @OfficialWayneJ, & @Skillibeng Boss Up Together On The “Young Boss (Remix)”

Blvk H3ro and Wayne J believed they found a hit when they released their “Young Boss” collab earlier this year. With the track receiving steady airplay and a music video doing well, it was only right they gave the single even more life. With that in mind, they recruited one of Dancehall’s newest wordsmiths in Skillibeng for the “Young Boss (Remix)“!

With Bouchard F. Olivier and Dennis “Greatest” Hamilton’s production still doing its thing here, the trio joined forces to give a song that continues to motivate the youth to get on their grind, and make amazing things happen in the world. With the wordplay from “Mr. Universe“, the melodies from “The Immortal Steppa“, and the energy from the new “Youngest Veteran“, speakers everywhere will be pounding the “Young Boss (Remix)” for a long time to come.

Thanks to our 13th Street Visuals department, we have an exclusive Visualizer for “Young Boss (Remix)”! Check it out below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@DJBlkluos Continues HeartBreakQuotey’s Legacy With The “2 Fly 2 Be Broke” Mixtape

Recording Artist HeartBreakQuotey was a young legend in Toronto, Canada. For those who knew him, he was always making things happen, and lit up the scene. An artist who stayed on the grind over the years, he gave listeners a style that wasn’t like anyone else’s. Sadly, he passed away recently, and to keep his name alive, his brother and Producer DJ Blkluos released the project called, “2 Fly 2 Be Broke“.

Featuring 12 tracks, listeners will get a chance to learn what goes on in the mind of HBQ. With production from DJ Blkluos, Ryan Whiskey, and JaymeFromThe9, we get a dose of throwback Hip Hop, Trap, and R&B sounds that do a great job of backing up HBQ’s lyrics. The mixtape also has guest appearances from DopeFa$e, Enaledge, 73V1NN, Jane Doe Smith, and Joe Law who made sure it was extra fire. While death may affect us in various ways, it’s always best to cherish to good times of the ones you’ve lost. For new and old fans of HeartBreakQuotey, we ask you like him live on through the music. R.I.P. HBQ 🙏🏽

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.@ChronixxMusic Sets The Mood For The Summer With “Cool As The Breeze/Friday”

Get yourself in the hot seat today as Chronixx has new music for you! Just in time for the summer, ChronDada gives us “Cool As The Breeze/Friday“! Produced by Pantha, Chronixx kicks up the tempo, and multiplies the flow on this one to give us a fun track that we’ll be playing all year. A song that promotes the Jamaican lifestyle, this for the ones who toil through the week, and enjoy the fruits of their labour on the weekends and holidays like there’s no tomorrow! Everyday is Summer in Jamaica!

Accompanying the audio, is a Meji Alabi directed music video that finds Chronixx setting the right mood everywhere he goes. Whether he’s traveling through Kingston in a flying Chair, performing on top of buildings, or raving in the streets with friends, Chronixx is bringing the energy that we all miss and need. With Jamaica’s Entertainment scene slowly opening up, we look forward to hearing this being selected by the top DJs around. We pray Covid 19 doesn’t halt our fun for much longer. With new music, you know an album is on the way, and we’re ready for it.

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.@BoogzinoMusic Shouts Out The “Platinum” Ladies On Latest Single

Whatever Connecticut based Dancehall Artist Boogzino desires, it’s of the highest quality. To let him tell it, if it’s not the best, he doesn’t want it. When it comes to the ladies however, he looks for that special thing. He talks about it in his latest single titled, “Platinum”. Produced by Maiinstar of Star Strap Entertainment, Boogzino shouts out the ladies who possess certain qualities that draws his attention, drives men crazy, and keeps him coming back for more. For the ladies who look and perform their best, stay fit and healthy, and carry themselves well, Boogzino gives them a platinum seal of approval, and would love to get to know them. Since its release earlier this year, “Platinum” has earned thousands of plays on Boogzino’s official Youtube channel, and has been gaining popularity with the ladies on Instagram.

Born Patrick Freeman, Boogzino was raised in Kingston, Jamaica. During his early years, music was a huge part of his life as he was enamored by the lyrics from some of the top artists in Dancehall, Reggae, Pop, and Hip Hop, and was immersed in the sounds of the popular riddims and beats that ruled the airwaves. His immigration to the United States in his teens gave him a chance to use his various influences to shape his sound as he had ambitions of becoming a Recording Artist. He soon found the opportunity to become one, and is on a mission to leave his mark as one of the great Dancehall acts whose legacy will live on for years to come. With his Jamaican background, Boogzino looks to make his music cross over to various International markets, make timeless music, make viable connections and collaborations, and inspire others to follow in his footsteps.

Boogzino’s “Platinum” is now available on all digital streaming platforms, and has been enjoying favorable airplay on various local and international Radio stations. Plans for a music video are in motion, and will be made available in the coming weeks. To stay up to date with Boogzino, follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @BoogzinoMusic.

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Carlene Davis Jamaica Singer Gospel Music Carlene Davis Cowan Blog Music 13thStreetPromo 13thStreetPromotions Caribbean Carole King You've Got A Friend

Carlene Davis Revives The Classic, “You’ve Got A Friend”

Recording Artist/Minister Dr. Carlene Davis is a true Jamaican legend. With a few decades in, she has made herself one of Jamaica’s greatest Vocalists. With timeless classics in Gospel, Reggae, and Pop music, she has been an inspiration to many young and old. With all that the world is facing today, she believes that God is still working, He is a friend in need, and she will bring forth His message for those who wish to hear. Today, she covers the classic, “You’ve Got A Friend“.

Produced by Glory Music, the song is a cover of the 1971 Carole King classic. “You’ve Got A Friend” is a multiple Grammy winning song, and has been covered by James Taylor, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway, Al Green, and many more. On the track, Carlene Davis spreads the message that no matter what’s going on in life, there’s a friend you can turn to. When you are troubled, there’s always someone who has your back. With her signature vocals, Carlene Davis wakes the house up with her version, and looks to be one that will receive plenty airplay in the coming weeks. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, all you have to do is call.

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Daley HTG Terall Chase Soundz Can I Live Black Lives Matter #BLM #BlackLivesMatter Caribbean Texas Florida Protest

.@SoundzHTG @DaleyHTG & @JusBeinRizzy Protest Through Song On “Can I Live”

First off, Black Lives Still Matter, and the fight for equal rights and justice will continue as long as life allows it. With many Black people facing oppression and injustice at the hands of racists, the BLM protests and rallies have increased in numbers worldwide. Using their platforms, Recording Artists Chase Soundz, Daley HTG, and Terall continue to speak out and spread awareness on, “Can I Live”.

Produced by D’Artizt, the trio share not only their experiences as Black Men, but continue to shed light on racial profiling and oppression, highlight those who have lost their lives, and add support for those fighting for the causes. With Daley and Terall based in Florida, and Chase in Texas, we know that racial tension can be very strong in those regions, but there will come a time where that is no more. While many protest rally through other means, these artist join with powerful voices and lyrics.

Below you can find the exclusive Visualizer made by 13th Street Visuals that paints a real picture of what’s happening in the world. Check it out below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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