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.@RoshReignMusic Inks New Management Deal, Releases “Easy” With @DevinDiDakta!

Montego Bay based Recording Artist Rosh Reign is on the verge of taking her brand to a new level of greatness. The “Yellow Boss” formerly known as Rosh Rebel, has been showcasing her talent on various platforms across Jamaica, and has released singles that have become mainstays on numerous playlists. She recently made an upgrade to her career by signing a management deal with CityRock Entertainment, and will be taking her career to new markets in the near future. Her first release since inking the new deal, is the single, “Easy”.

Produced by ZHI King and featuring Dancehall Lyricist Devin Di Dakta, Rosh Reign delivers a modern Dancehall single that connects with the listener’s energy, prompting them to get up and dance. A track that fuses Rosh’s smooth vocals and energetic vibe with Devin Di Dakta’s unique flow and delivery over some infectious production, “Easy” looks to become one of 2022’s breakout tracks. Accompanying the new single, is a music video directed by Warrior Films Ja, and Xamaica Royals. Shot in Portland, the Artists show great chemistry onscreen as they deliver a song that seeks to inspire new connections and good times.

Fresh from sharing the stage with some of Jamaica’s best talents at the “Live Music Lives” event at Pier 1 on June 11, Rosh Reign is preparing to cover more ground this summer. With CityRock Entertainment guiding her career, Rosh Reign is excited to see what’s in store in the next chapter. Rosh urges her “Yellow Massive” to be on the lookout for more content and announcements, and to keep supporting her music on all platforms.

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Lunar 7 "Marry Me" on #Barbados #Spouge #Lunar7 #MarryMe #Music #Caribbean #Bajan #Wedding

OLDIES SUNDAY: Lunar 7 – Marry Me (1972)

It’s the month of June! For many, it’s considered a Wedding month, as many couples chose this month to jump the broom, get hitched, and make an honest partner out of each other. We’ve highlighted a few Wedding themed songs on Oldies Sunday, and today we give you another. For today’s selection, we head on over to Barbados to check out Lunar 7’sMarry Me“!

Produced by Trex Records and released in 1972, “Marry Me” belongs to the Caribbean genre of music called, “Spouge“, which is a Ska/Calypso fusion that was originated in Barbados. The track is about a man who wants to spend the rest of his life with this one Woman, and he is tired of wandering. He shares his desire to come home to her, realizes what she’s all that his heart wants despite trying to be with other people, and he will tell the world how much she means to him. The track found favour with many during its release in the 70s, was used in a few Weddings, and remains a fond memory to some today. For those getting married this month, all the best from us!

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.@HephB1 Steps Out In A “Big Boy” Way With New Video!

AfroDancehall Artist Heph B has been on fire these past few weeks. With his “AMARII” album still doing numbers, he adds the success of his latest single, “Big Boy” to the mix. The Steve Rawd produced single has been gaining extensive traction thanks to a “Big Boy Challenge” hosted by Heph on Instagram, and has been earning a few prominent spots on Billboard, iTunes, and on various Playlists around the world. Capitalizing off of the buzz and setting up for a “Heph B Summer“, Heph B unleashes the music video for “Big Boy“.

Directed by Foreign Boy Films, Heph B is spending money, rolling in luxury, and is surrounded by friends and family in his latest music video. With the success Heph has been enjoying, it’s only right that he moves like a King for “Big Boy”, and bring along the people who are closest to him. Whether he’s popping bottles, scoring wins at the Casino, or even putting on some dance moves for the world to follow, Heph B is celebrating life, and enjoying it in the best way he can.

Expect a lot more from Heph B in the coming weeks, we may even have a special remix on the way. Stay tuned to see if that’s on the agenda. In the meantime, put on your best outfit, and enjoy yourself!

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Masicka & Stefflon Don "Moments" on #Jamaica #UK #London #Masicka #StefflonDon #Dancehall #Moments #438 #13thStreetPromotions #Caribbean

.@MasickaMusic & @StefflonDon Get Close In “Moments” Video.

Dancehall Artist Masicka is still doing numbers with his 2021 debut album, “438“. With fans still showing appreciation on Social Media, it’s no surprise that some of the tracks have gone on to become viral hits. One of the tracks that took off was the Stefflon Don assisted single, “Moments“. It has gained popularity on TikTok and Instagram Reels, and fans were eager for a music video for this one. Recently, Stefflon Don took a short trip to Jamaica, and today you will see the result of that trip. Here is the music video for “Moments”.

Directed by RD Studios, Masicka and Stefflon Don display some intimacy throughout the “Moments” clip. With Masicka following clues to meet Steff in a room, we get to see them get cozy, and of course perform the track together. Viewers will say they make a nice couple onscreen, while some may wish they were in Masicka or Stefflon’s place. Overall, this is nice visual to accompany a single that has gone viral in these past few months. What do you think of it?

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Skillibeng "Whap Whap" ft. Fivio Foreign and French Montana on #Jamaica #Bronx #Dancehall #HipHop #MusicVideo #Music #Skillibeng #FrenchMontana #FivioForeign #Bodega #Caribbean #WhapWhap

.@Skillibeng’s “Whap Whap (Remix)” With @FrenchMontana & @FivioForeign Gets A Music Video!

Love it or hate it, Skillibeng’sWhap Whap” is a hit. Previewed in 2021 via Instagram, it received plenty backlash from the public, with many doubting Skillibeng’s lyrical and songwriting abilities. Nonetheless, “Whap Whap” was officially released, and the public ran with it. Despite the negativity, Skillibeng enjoy local and International love, and the song was remixed by a few Artists including NBA YoungBoy, Digga D, and Ron Suno. Rappers French Montana and Fivio Foreign were the latest to jump on the track, and it has now been officially remixed by them. Today, we get the music video for “Whap Whap (Remix)“.

Directed by Shomi Patwary and shot in The Bronx, New York, Skilli, French, and Fivio all show up to perform the track. The remix single was released last week, and was receiving positive reviews due to French and Fivio’s contributions. “Whap Whap” has shown that Skillibeng’s US presence is getting better, and with a few events lined up for him this summer, expect a lot more people adding Skilli to their Playlists and budgets. Big up Media Personality The Kid Mero of The Bodega Boys Podcast and Desus & Mero on Showtime as he made a cameo appearance in the video. We hope he and Desus Nice return to the Podcast scene soon.

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EvaFlow "Goodaz Silhouette Remix" on #Jamaica #NFT #Web3 #EvaFlow #IAmEvaFlow #Music #Dancehall #Goodaz #Caribbean #SkyStarterCreative

.@IAmEvaFlow Makes Another Dedication To The “Goodaz” With New Remix!

Recording Artist/Creative EvaFlow has been consistently releasing content over the past few months, and has been gaining new fans in various territories. He upped his game by tapping into the Web 3.0 and NFT lanes, and we look forward to what more he has in store this year, and beyond. During all that however, he made something for the ladies to enjoy called, “Goodaz“. A song that has been finding favour with many since last year, EvaFlow gives it more life with the Silhouette Remix!

Armed with a lyric video, EvaFlow gives listeners another side of the “Goodaz” single that gets better every time. Still presenting the slick lyrics and a “Cool as an Iceberg” vibe, the production for the “Silhouette Remix” will have ladies putting something sexy, and practicing their teasing moves. If she doesn’t make you say “My girl how yuh stay so?“, replay it till it happens, and turn on the red lights. “Goodaz” was originally featured on EvaFlow’s debut EP, “ROAR – Rise Of A Renaissance – Sky Tape (Vol. 1)“, which was released in 2020. The lyric video is currently being offered as an NFT, and if you want to own a piece of it along with other collectibles, check out EvaFlow on Opensea!

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