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OLDIES SUNDAY: Danielle D.I. X @CherineAnderson – Rebel (2013)

With Women’s History Month 2022 coming to a close on Oldies Sunday, we thought why not go out with a bang for the ladies! Today, we go not too far back in time, but we highlight a hit from two wonderful Women in Jamaican Music. Today’s selection comes from Danielle D.I. and Cherine Anderson with the single, “Rebel“.

Produced by Sly & Robbie, Danielle D.I. and Cherine Anderson’s “Rebel” was released in 2013. The track features the Women expressing themselves to the fullest as the Rebel’s they are. Whether they’re good girls, ladies, bad gyals, Independent, confident, sexy, passionate, and ambitious, they are Jamaican Women, and you will respect them. “Rebel” was a big hit for Danielle D.I. and Cherine Anderson as it became an anthem at the time, and it was featured on Danielle’s “Sly & Robbie Present: Danielle D.I. – The Rebel” album, and on the VP RecordsStrictly The Best Vol. 47” compilation. “Rebel” connected with Women of all ages, and it remains as one of Danielle D.I.’s biggest singles.

thank you Danielle D.i. & Cherine Anderson!

salute to the women!

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Kick Off International Women’s Day With Our “Woman Run Tings!” Playlist!

March 8th is recognized worldwide as International Women’s Day. This day highlights women all over the world who doing great things in every category you can think of. We salute you today, so how about a lil music? Hopping on our Spotify channel, we’ve compiled a few tracks that empower women…inna Dancehall style! Titled “Woman Run Tings!“, listeners can enjoy almost an hour’s worth of tracks performed by Jamaican female Dancehall Artists who show women in power positions, maintaining independence, holding their own, and demanding respect. Salute to all the women who have made an impact on our lives, those who are making power moves, and those involved in the development of this very Blog! We hope we did a good job here, feel free to follow the Playlist, and follow us on Spotify! Check it out below.

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@Di_Danielle Addresses Instagram Photo Controversy, Drops New Music

The Rebel Danielle D.I. has returned with a world-class record. After spending quality time in the studio with iconic producers, Sly and Robbie and launching her own line of “Rebel Accessories,” the thought-provoking artiste is back with a hit-bound single titled, Class. The lyrics encourage females to embrace a high self-esteem and strive for an exquisite lifestyle.

It is a part of my role as an artiste to influence young ladies positively. I believe that women are to be wealthy and in control just as their male counterparts. At the end of the day it’s about prosperity and living a quality life. I want girls to make wise choices, stay focused and be at the top of their class,” Danielle D.I. says.

Class was produced by New-York based hit makers, LMR Pro and is available on I-Tunes for preorder until the official release later this month. Recently Danielle D.I. made headlines after posting a photo celebrating America’s Independence.

“Three photos were uploaded with the eagle, stars and stripes covering me. I received notification that I breached Instagram rules. After regaining access to my account, one of my close up body shots from the rear was removed. To me that is breaking the first amendment – freedom of expression. I was expressing myself in an artistic way. We have nude statues and paintings across the world and they all represent something. The message I was sending as a US citizen was that, we are the land of the free and the home of the brave,” Danielle D.I. explained.

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NEW VIDEO: @DI_Danielle x @KippoNuBehavior – Hear Di Pree


After a lengthy delay, Danielle D.I. and Kiprich finally released the visuals to their steamy single, “Hear Di Pree“. Directed by Wayne South, we see the artists get incredibly close in various shots to further bring their sexually charged single to life. From driving parallel to one another on the road to hotel room fun to even chilling in a hot tub, Di Rebel named D.I. and Kippo sure turned the temperature up for this. Check out the videos below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Clean Version

Raw Version

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NEW MUSIC: @DI_Danielle – Hot Yea

1385310027_Danielle_DI_promo_Photo_2013Q4Dropping off new music is none other than the bad gal Danielle D.I.! Titled “Hot Yea” and produced by Patron House Productions on the “Evidence Riddim“, the sultry rebel drops boastful lyrics on being the hottest of them all, being the object of every single and taken man’s affection, making sure that everything is top notch around her from the clothes to the hair to her bank accounts and laughs at the chicks can’t be on her level. Expect this one to be blazing the airwaves and with the catchy hook, it’s sure to be a summer hit. This tune bad nuh…let’s not get carried away. Check out the Raw and Radio versions below and share your thoughts in the comments section.



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Preview: @DI_Danielle Gives Us A “Heads Up” This Summer

image (1)Dancehall Artist Danielle D.I. promises to give us a hot and sexy summer with new releases. Her blazing collaborations with Kiprich and Tiana are already scorching the airwaves.

She returned to the lab with Sly & Robbie to bring the sexy “Heads Up“. With her signature lyrics and sex appeal, Danielle D.I. aims to keep temperatures rising, ears perked and eyes focused.

On Friday June 27th the highly anticipated music video for the Kiprich assisted “Hear The Pree” will be released. Check out the previews below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Heads Up (Preview)

Hear The Pree (Trailer)

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