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Kick Off International Women’s Day With Our “Woman Run Tings!” Playlist!

March 8th is recognized worldwide as International Women’s Day. This day highlights women all over the world who doing great things in every category you can think of. We salute you today, so how about a lil music? Hopping on our Spotify channel, we’ve compiled a few tracks that empower women…inna Dancehall style! Titled “Woman Run Tings!“, listeners can enjoy almost an hour’s worth of tracks performed by Jamaican female Dancehall Artists who show women in power positions, maintaining independence, holding their own, and demanding respect. Salute to all the women who have made an impact on our lives, those who are making power moves, and those involved in the development of this very Blog! We hope we did a good job here, feel free to follow the Playlist, and follow us on Spotify! Check it out below.

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NEW MUSIC: @TamiChynn x @DuttyPaul – Sycamore Tree

Hey Blogworld! May be a bit late with this one but can we say Tami Chynn is back? This sounds like a hit. Titled “Sycamore Tree“, Tami recruits Sean Paul for a single that reeks “crossover” and ready for the clubs and international markets. Canoodling under a sycamore tree? Maybe…This is your typical “Hey baby let’s go crazy together” song but the instrumental makes you want to rock to it and keep it on repeat. Check it out and share your thoughts in comments section.

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