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.@JahazeilMusic Seeks An Escape On “Left To Right”

Recording Artist Jahazeil Myrie is on the way to becoming a household name, and he is taking the necessary steps to grow his brand, and extend his catalogue. Despite times of controversy and setbacks, he works on being consistent with the music. For weeks Jahazeil has been teasing listeners with the single, “Left To Right” through Social Media previews, with the promise that it’ll be ready soon. The wait is finally over, and today you can check it out!

Produced by Kvsh Entertainment and Duss Records, Jahazeil speaks about some of the trials he has been facing daily on “Left To Right”. Whether they affect him spiritually, physically, or mentally, he keeps his faith in God strong, and continues to persevere, and he seeks a sweet escape from all the madness. Accompanying the single is a Music Video directed by Street Cinema. We look forward to new developments from Jahazeil come 2022. If you’re not familiar with him, change that today!

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Jahazeil Myrie "Fight Against" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music

.@JahazeilMusic Sings About The Many Conflicts In The World On “Fight Against”

So much trouble in the world. Everyday there’s a new feud, and a lot of times there is no resolution. The pandemic has shown the true colours of many people for better or worse, but we do believe better days are near. Recording Artist Jahazeil Myrie has been busy with the music throughout 2021, and for his latest single, “Fight Against“, he speaks on a few conflicts.

Produced by Mari The Producer, Jahazeil Myrie speaks on the many feuds and conflicts that are happening in the world. From family at odds with each other, to friends betraying friends, Jahazeil wants better for his people, but he warns that you have to be careful in your interactions because people can be deceiving. Love yourself, trust God, and let’s make the world a better place. Jahazeil looks to release more music in the coming weeks, as he aims to make 2021 one of his best years. If you’re not familiar with him yet, let today change that.

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.@Jahazeil_Myrie Urges Us To “Keep Strong”

In these troubling times, having faith can be a struggle to maintain. With the right encouragement and support system, it can grow from strength to strength. Reggae/Dancehall Artist Jahazeil Myrie delivers a positive message on the Grinch Records produced, “Keep Strong“.

With a video directed by 4K Media & Entertainment, Jahazeil finds himself in Church for this one as he can be seen spreading his message to those in attendance. He shares that despite the many trials we all may be going through at this time, God is there for us, and we should give thanks for all the blessings that come along the way. He also encourages us to be brave, be bold, and know that God is in control. Hold the faith. Why worry when you can call up on Jah?

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Chip Off The Old Block: Meet The New Kids Of Dancehall x Reggae (Pt. 4)

First they started out as the youth of the Dancehall/Reggae culture, now they’re parents with growing kids. It isn’t unusual for the child of an Entertainer to follow in their parent’s footsteps one way or the other as at times they bring a modern take on their parent’s creations, or create their own lane. Some of the most famous off springs include Stephen, Ziggy, and Damian “Junior Gong” Marley (Sons of Bob Marley), Chino and Di Genius (Sons of Freddie McGregor), Junior Tucker (Son of Jimmy Tucker), Morgan Heritage (Children of Denroy Morgan), Tarrus Riley (Son of Jimmy Riley), Queen Ifrica (Daughter of Derrick Morgan), Protoje (Son of Lorna Bennett), Chronixx (Son of Chronicle) and many more. In part 4 of a few part series, I feature more of the new set of kids on the scene whose parents have covered much ground in their respective careers.

Juju Blood, Junior Reid Son, 13thStreetPromotions

1. Juju Blood (D’Yung Veteran)

Famous Parent: Junior Reid

Occupation: Reggae Artist

Twitter/IG: @JujuBlood / @JujuReidMusic

Single(s): Don Dada (w/ Chris Matic), International Love

Jahazeil, Jahazeil Myrie, Buju Banton Son, 13thStreetPromotions

2. Jahazeil Myrie

Famous Parent: Buju Banton

Occupation: Reggae Artist

Twitter/IG: @JahazeilMusic / @Jahazeil_Myrie

Single(s): Who Am I

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