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Jamaica Salutes Legendary Songwriter Thom Bell In Our New Playlist!

As we close another Black History Month, we use this last day to honour a Jamaican who helped to shape the musical landscape. His name is Thom Bell, and he is the co-creator of the “Philadelphia Soul” that reigned the 1970s. A Songwriter, Producer, Composer, and Arranger, Thom Bell gave the world classics, and has influenced generations. Today, we salute him with our latest Playlist titled, “Jamaica Sings For Thom Bell“.

Featuring 14 tracks (more would’ve been added if they were available for streaming), we highlight some of the Jamaican Artists who have covered songs that were either written, produced, or arranged by Thom Bell. From John Holt, to Horace Andy, to Boris Gardiner, to Alton Ellis, to Etana, we hear covers of classics by The Delfonics, Deneice Williams, The Stylistics, and more. Listeners can learn something new, or reconnect with songs that affected them in ways when they first heard them in the new Playlist. Soul Music along with R&B sounds have a heavy influence in Jamaican music, so it’s only right that many of the American classics were covered by some of the Jamaican greats. The late Thom Bell gave the world something special, and his work will continue to entertain and inspire. Thank you for everything Thom Bell, rest well.

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Eddie Zuko Promotes Love With Alton Ellis-Sampled, “Still”!

Reggae Music has taken quite the journey since its inception. With the mouths of many singing their favourite songs from some of the most creative forces behind them, the genre has shown its staying power over and over, and has influenced so much. In the US, Reggae has had a hand in the establishment of many bands. From Sublime, to Rebelution, to SOJA, to Big Mountain, the music took on a different life outside of Jamaica, bringing in a new audience. For California Artist Eddie Zuko, he taps into a Rocksteady classic for his single called, “Still“.

Produced by J.LBS and Paul Redona, Eddie Zuko’s “Still” samples the late Alton Ellis classic, “I’m Still In Love“. “I’m Still In Love” was produced by Sir Coxsone Dodd, and released through Studio One in 1967. Eddie Suko borrowed part of the chorus, and some of the production behind the original for “Still”, which finds the Artist professing his continuous love for the special person in his life. Many relationships have gone by the wayside or have faced roadblocks, but the love for one another is still embedded in each partner’s core. There will be doubts, there will be fights, but as they say, “Love conquers all“.

Eddie Zuko’s “Still” has been enjoying some viral love in the past few weeks namely on TikTok, with many requesting for the song to be officially available. Accompanying the single, is a music video directed by Brok Wood, and it finds Eddie performing the track with Musicians Paul & Csmo. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not dedicate this one to someone special?

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Alton Ellis’ “Chatty, Chatty People” Featured In “Somebody I Used To Know” Film!

On February 10, the Romantic Comedy “Somebody I Used To Know” premiered on Amazon Prime Video. The Film stars Alison Brie and Jay Ellis as exes who crossed paths once again, and it tells of the person Alison’s character has become. A meeting with her ex’s fiancé brings confusion as Alison starts to reflect on the person she used to be. The Film’s soundtrack boasts a number of popular singles, but a familiar sound could be heard during one of the scenes.

Featured in the RomCom “Somebody I Used To Know” is Alton Ellis’Chatty, Chatty People“. The track was produced by Duke Reid and released in 1970, and it spoke about people whose life’s work is to spread rumours, and gossip. The song was featured on Ellis’ 1974 album, “Mr. Soul Of Jamaica“, and is one of the late Singer’s popular releases. Alton Ellis is celebrated as one of Jamaica’s greatest Vocalists, and his contributions to Jamaica music are well documented, and continue to inspire generations. Check out “Somebody I Used To Know” on Amazon Prime Video.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Trinity – Three Piece Suit (1975)

Today on Oldies Sunday, we celebrate a Jamaican Icon who has transitioned on to the big session in the afterlife. Today we show respect to the late Wade “Trinity” Brammer and his classic, “Three Piece Suit“.

Produced by Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson and released through Belmont Records in 1975, Trinity delivered his track in a style that we know as “toasting/deejaying“. A style that was also made popular by the likes of U-Roy, Dennis Alcapone, and many others, Trinity got lyrical over the “version/instrumental” of the popular Alton Ellis single, “I’m Still In Love With You” to speak about his situation with a voluptuous woman. The single was later featured on Trinity’s 1977 album of the same name. A song that is considered one of the first Dancehall songs, it became a huge hit for Trinity, and later inspired a counteraction track from Jamaican duo Althea & Donna titled, “Uptown Top Ranking” which went on to become a classic. Since the release of “Three Piece Suit”, Trinity helped to inspire the new generations of artists especially in the growing genre known as Dancehall, has collaborated with some of the top artists, and released a lot more classic material. Trinity passed away on April 9, 2021, but his music continues to live on.

thank you trinity. walk good!

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We Look Back At The Many Versions Of The “Mad Mad Riddim” In Our Throwback Playlist!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! A lot of things are going on in the world, but music is one that stays constant. Today in our #13thStreetThrowback Playlist series, we look back at a Riddim that has many names and variations, the classic “Mad Mad Riddim“!

We first go back to the year 1967 with the release of Alton Ellis’Mad Mad Mad” which was produced by the late Sir “Coxsone” Dodd for Coxsone Records, and that one song’s production lead to plenty versions over the years. From the “Junjo” Lawes produced “Mad Mad Riddim” that gave us the classic “Diseases” by Michigan & Smiley and “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng” by Yellowman in the 1980s, to the infamous “Golden Hen Riddim” that gave us classics from Josey Wales, to Bobby Konders and Massive B’sPlatinum Hen Riddim” in 2011, to tracks that have sampled a version of the Riddim, this Playlist has it covered from familiar songs to rare cuts.

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There Are No Flowers And Candy Included With Our “Lonely Valentine Playlist”.

Today’s Valentine’s Day! While many couples will be color coordinating and sharing gifts and quality time, there will be a lot of loners today. While reasons vary for the loners, it’s gonna be a long day. With that said, we’ve released “The Lonely Valentine Playlist“!

Featuring 14 classic sad songs from Alton Ellis to Vybz Kartel, we’re going with the theme as we’ve previously catered to the couples (even the Dancehall ones), and even the sidechicks (click the linked text for the Playlists.). Hang in there loners, things might turn around in a crazy way today, or soon. To those who miss their love, we hope they give things another chance. It’s still all about love. Shout out the couples on VDay.

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