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JKinggz Invites You To A “Badman Party”

Recording Artist/Entrepreneur JKinggz is one of the many artists who stays on the grind, even during a pandemic. With live shows on the decline since 2020, JKinggz knows he still has to make his brand stay afloat in other ways. The Recording Studio is still open for business however, and JKinggz has been piling up new music for release throughout 2021. One of the tracks he looks to cause a shift on the scene with is his new “Badman Party” single!

Produced by Ransum Records and Russian Mvmnts on the “Night Light Riddim”, JKinggz gets into some Dancehall vibes as he’s on the hunt for the right event to attend. Grabbing his phone, he hits up one of his friends to see what the vibe is like, how many ladies are in attendance, if the bar is well stocked, and is it safe for his crew to make an appearance. While JKinggz utilizes a chill delivery, the track will bring back memories of late night party hopping for some as they are the ones who’ll ensure that the event they are attending is not a waste of time and effort. Despite lockdowns of all sorts worldwide, JKinggz looks forward to the feedback from “Badman Party” and it becoming a playlist favorite, and kick off a higher level of vibes when listeners press play. With a renewed focus for 2021, JKinggz looks to keep the streaming platforms busy with more music in the coming months.

Born in St. Vincent and The Grenadines and moved to Brooklyn, New York as a teen, JKinggz is known for tracks like “Patek”, “Stack This Money” with Dancehall artist Flexxx, and “Fake Love” with UK artist Laughta. He has also released the well received “30 Days (The Life Changing Project)” in 2018, “No Co-sign” in 2019 which received rave reviews, and started off 2021 with the “Guilty” EP.

“Badman Party” by JKinggz will be released on Friday February 12 on all digital music streaming platforms through his JKM Entertainment LLC label. Follow @JKinggz on Instagram, and @JKinggz_ on Twitter for more updates.

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.@JKinggz_ Takes It To “Church” In New Gospel Single!

Recording Artist JKinggz knows where he’s going in life, but is wise enough to know that he can’t do without God spearheading the way. With a successful 2019 behind him, and an International collaboration kicked off his 2020, he looks to take a more spiritual route with his next release titled, “Church”.

Featuring production by Filthy Plux, JKinggz gives praises to The Most High, asks for forgiveness for his sins, and shares that he has no shame in worshipping the Lord. While his message is one that many have shared before, JKinggz makes an unconventional move here by presenting his lyrics through rapping over a Trap beat. While modern Gospel Music has Pop, Reggae, Rock, and Hip Hop sub genres and influences, JKinggz shared that the delivery of “Church” is no different from the traditional ways as the message is still there. He makes a point that regardless of the style, if it brings in more believers to God, it should be welcomed. With the world facing the Covid 19 pandemic, JKinggz’s song should help listeners seek refuge and comfort in God, and become more spiritual. JKinggz looks forward to “Church” being a repeater on many playlists and platforms when it’s released through his JKM Ent. label on all digital streaming platforms.

In addition to the new Gospel influenced single, JKinggz looks to release a follow up to his 2019 “No Co Sign” project. “No Co Sign” found him wearing many hats from its inception, to production, to release, and he looks do it again this time around. JKinggz urges everyone to stay safe during the Covid 19 pandemic by taking preventive measures to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Check out the track below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@JKinggz_ & @Laughta1 Don’t Need “No Fake Love” In New Video!

2019 saw Recording Artist JKinggz being very busy, and 2020 won’t see any change to that. With singles and projects out, he continues with the video for the new single, “No Fake Love“! Directed by the team of E.A.D., Polar Films, and RDCYF, both single and video features an appearance by prominent UK Recording Artist Laughta who fires off with her blend of Hip Hop and UK Grime throughout. The Ace Bankz produced track finds them making it clear that they have no time for fake people and the love they claim to have, being all about positive energy, and moving forward to achieving greatness and all that comes with that.

The St. Vincent and The Grenadines born/Brooklyn based JKinggz has a lot more in store for the year as he is currently working on more singles, and projects including the follow up to his “No Co-Sign” EP. He is also hitting the road to promote “No Fake Love” and more in the coming days. We encourage everyone to stay far from the fakers, as their negative energy and “love” will be your downfall.

Check out the video below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@MrJKinggz Releases His “No Co-sign” EP!

Having been staying busy this year with putting out new music and building on his brand, Recording Artist JKinggz finally fed the streets with his recently announced project, the “No Co-sign” EP!

Featuring 7 tracks, JKinggz wore many hats on this project as he co-produced the tracks with Hirata and Yung Tago, co-directed the music videos planned for the project, and released it through his JKM Ent. label. He started promotion for the project with “Hunger In Me” and “Back Up 40K” earlier this year, and looks to gain more listeners with the other 5 tracks featured. While his 2018 “30 Days” project highlighted the trials he was facing, “No Co-sign” finds JKinggz on a journey to finding himself, and making progress moving forward.

Check out the EP below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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