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OLDIES SUNDAY: @MackaB – False Preacher (1988)

With Jamaica slowly being turned into a 20 season Mystery series shown on Netflix with the news of Kevin Smith and his cult, it’s only right that Oldies Sunday digs in the crates for a selection. This week, we stop in England to check out Reggae legend Macka B’sFalse Preacher“.

Produced by Mad Professor and released through Ariwa Sounds in 1988, Macka B plays the role of “Pastor Theodore Love Money” who makes a list of demands that his Church congregation should fulfill because “That’s what the Lord says!“. If the Pastor needs to wear new suits, let the Church goers provide for it. He needs a BMW? Let them pay for it! The single was featured on Macka B’s 1988 album, “We’ve Had Enough!“, which features plenty of commentary from the man himself. With the story of fake Preachers and Pastors being a very common one for many, Macka B has been calling those hustlers out for many years. Some have lead cults, some have made millions and are living better than their members, and some have claimed to have had the direct line to God. Many Church goers have been lied to, tricked, bamboozled, and lead astray, and many fake Pastors and false Prophets will have to answer for their crimes one day.

Since “False Preacher”, Macka B has released numerous albums, and has been a Youtube/Social Media favourite thanks to pairing a healthy lifestyle with his lyrical prowess. He has even been name dropped by popular Media Personality Desus Nice on his “Bodega Boys Podcast.

Thank You Macka B!

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.@JKinggz_ Takes It To “Church” In New Gospel Single!

Recording Artist JKinggz knows where he’s going in life, but is wise enough to know that he can’t do without God spearheading the way. With a successful 2019 behind him, and an International collaboration kicked off his 2020, he looks to take a more spiritual route with his next release titled, “Church”.

Featuring production by Filthy Plux, JKinggz gives praises to The Most High, asks for forgiveness for his sins, and shares that he has no shame in worshipping the Lord. While his message is one that many have shared before, JKinggz makes an unconventional move here by presenting his lyrics through rapping over a Trap beat. While modern Gospel Music has Pop, Reggae, Rock, and Hip Hop sub genres and influences, JKinggz shared that the delivery of “Church” is no different from the traditional ways as the message is still there. He makes a point that regardless of the style, if it brings in more believers to God, it should be welcomed. With the world facing the Covid 19 pandemic, JKinggz’s song should help listeners seek refuge and comfort in God, and become more spiritual. JKinggz looks forward to “Church” being a repeater on many playlists and platforms when it’s released through his JKM Ent. label on all digital streaming platforms.

In addition to the new Gospel influenced single, JKinggz looks to release a follow up to his 2019 “No Co Sign” project. “No Co Sign” found him wearing many hats from its inception, to production, to release, and he looks do it again this time around. JKinggz urges everyone to stay safe during the Covid 19 pandemic by taking preventive measures to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Check out the track below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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NEW VIDEO: @JYunggMusic – Sinners Prayer


Lamar Clan music! J Yungg today released highly anticipated music video for his popular single “Sinners Prayer“. Directed by G Dot Solo from Canada and shot in Grange Hill Westmoreland, J Yungg deejays that despite his sinning, he’s trying to do better and win at the same time. Very clean video and features cameos from Krish Genius, DJ Absolute of Linkz 96 FM, and Anita Baker of Elite Models (Angel). Crazy how the girl called people to break in J Yungg’s house and attack him. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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