GET TO KNOW: @BriggyBenz

The Dancehall arena has a new rising sensation who is combining raw musical talent with the skillful ability to vibrantly perform on stage and thoroughly entertain a large audience. Offering a refreshing dose of positive and appealing tunes, he is just what the Dancehall has been waiting for.

He is Briggy Benz, also known as Damion Grant. His current song, “Get Gyal Easy” is a lyrical masterpiece taking the airwaves by storm. Throughout his numerous years in the dancehall world, Briggy has showcased unbridled talent, delivering high-quality music that is embraced by the masses. His talent coupled with his congenial personality provides him with a strong advantage of appealing to a culturally diverse audience.

At the young age of ten years old Briggy was introduced to the dancehall world by mentor and family member Spragga Benz. The two Benzes in collaboration with their Red Square colleagues voiced “Gi We Dem” a song that became a local hit receiving heavy rotation on top-performing Jamaican radio stations.

In more recent years, Briggy has proven that he is an entertainer who embodies the true meaning of being a dancehall artist possessing versatility and lyrics in great quantity. He remains mindful of the contents of his lyrics and delivers songs that are consistent with the roots of hardcore Dancehall.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @XycloneREDSQ

Finally making to the Onstage set is an artist who has been making moves for years, Xyclone! Here he spoke about his beginnings, being a college graduate and pursuing music full time, the Dancehall scene in the DMV, being signed to Spragga Benz’s Red Square Productions, upcoming projects and more. He also premiered “Shut Up“, his newest single and video with Red Rat. Check out the Interview below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: @SpraggaBenz3 x @AgentSasco x Red Square – Gi Wi Dem (2000)


With Agent Sasco a.k.a. Assassin being a fixture in entertainment news overseas, today’s Oldies Sunday takes you back to one of the first times you’ve heard the artist born Jeffrey Campbell. Titled “Gi Wi Dem” and produced by Ward 21 for King Jammy’s Production in 2000 on the “Trilogy Riddim“, this was a clique record where Spragga Benz gave many an introduction to his Red Square Crew. The crew, comprised of Assassin, Spragga Benz, Sugar Slick, Greg Hines, Briggy, Natty Chris, and Limousine, all dropped lyrics about being available for any woman that comes their way with the proclamation that they will always be in their thoughts, hearts and souls.

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NEW VIDEO: @XycloneRedSQ x @RealDevaBratt – Top Shottas Anthem

Today I feature a brand new video from Red Square member Xyclone and Portmore deejays Deva Bratt. Titled “Top Shottas Anthem” and directed by T4, we see the two deejays and their respective crews gather around to kick off the anthem while the rest of the video shows off the deejays making references to shottas. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @XycloneRedSQ – I Have Hope (Star Quality Riddim)

No matter what your circumstances may be, once you have life you have hope. Positive words coming from deejay Xyclone today through his new single. Titled “I Have Hope” and produced by Kimichi Records on the Star Quality Riddim, this is a song motivating those who are going through a few things. Keep your head up and check out the Soundcloud below. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @KardiTivali x @SweetestApplezz – Multiple Orgasms Riddim Preview

DJ Glama is at it again!! This time around she introduces her debut riddim called, “Multiple Orgasms“. Yes, it is what you are thinking, but a really good dancehall riddim. Co-produced by Xyclone of Red Square and featuring a preview by Kardi Tivali, it’s a banger. Full mix coming soon so click on the link and enjoy!

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