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.@SarkAmbassador Seeks An Escape On “Release Me”!

Recording Artist/Creative Sarkastik Ambassador is back with new music! It’s been a while since the Trini Artist released content, but he had to take care of life outside booth, then get back to business. Today, we get to check out the new single called, “Release Me“.

Produced by Track7, Sarkastik Ambassador is protecting his heart on “Release Me”. He shares what has been bothering him, and seeing that his situation has not been providing any benefits for both parties, he has decided to make his exit. In a time where Mental Health needs to be improved, individuals have been removing themselves from various situations in search of peace, happiness, and less stress. Sarkastik Ambassador gives us a melodic delivery on “Release Me”, with Track7’s production making for a great soundtrack. Good to see him return to the music, we can expect more from him soon.

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A Relationship Goes Through A lot In @SarkAmbassador & @MissRheaDawn’s “Toxic” Video

A couple months ago, Trini Artist Sarkastik Ambassador and Bajan star Rhea Layne gave us a demo of a track they were working on called, “Toxic. It tackled some of the issues that affect relationships, and many people could relate to the song. Fast forward to the present day, we’re proud to show you the music video for the officially released track.

Directed by Sarkastik Ambassador and starring Nicholas C. Subero and Ruby Parris (related to Paul Parris of The Parris Agency who manages Jus D?), “Toxic” is brought to life showcasing an estranged couple who struggle through moments of tension, restriction, passion and emotional intimacy in just one day of quarantining together. Many relationships have taken a dive in recent months, and the pandemic hasn’t been making things easier for some of us mentally. When this couple isn’t distancing themselves from each other, they’re arguing, but in the end they find themselves getting closer. Hang in there guys, it’s rough out there, and seek help when you can.

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.@SarkAmbassador Teams Up With @MissRheaDawn On “Toxic”

Trini Creative Sarkastik Ambassador looks to make 2021 the year he increases his musical output. Having dabbled in other areas last year, we didn’t get to hear much music. Starting off the new year right, he gives listeners an early listen to the track, “Toxic“.

Produced by TDSK Productions and featuring Bajan Singer/Songwriter Rhea Layne, Sark and Rhea get at each other like a fighting couple as they speak about jealousy, insecurity, and plenty toxic behaviours between them. Many couples go through things like this daily, but Sark and Rhea just play it all out in a way that will have couples thinking over things and go forward with resolutions. As mentioned before, this an early listen as Sarkastik Ambassador looks to put some finishing touches and officially release this track later this year. Let us know what you think about it.

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.@SarkAmbassador Wants To Have Some Fun On “13th Street Quarantine Sessions” Ep. 9!

Tonight, we give you episode 9 in our “13th Street Quarantine Sessions” series! We give thanks for making it this far, and we thank those who have supported, and will be supporting in the future. Tonight, we head back to Trinidad and Tobago to check out the creative Sarkastik Ambassador’s performance of his track, “S.D.F.“! A member of the Overdose Music Group, Sarkastik has been on the scene for quite a while, and has worked with the likes of Jimmy October, Nathan Marcelin, and FVRFVN. Whether he’s designing or recording, just expect greatness every time.

The “13th Street Quarantine Sessions” can be seen every Wednesday and Friday on the Blog, or on our Youtube Channel (subscribe here). We look forward to your support with this series, as we try to put you on to more Artists and their incredible musical contributions. If you wish to be a part of the series, hit us up in the “Contact Me” section. Sponsorships are welcomed as well.

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Ring In Some “Good Vibes” With @FVRFVN & @SarkAmbassador!

Heading over to Trinidad & Tobago today to check out Recording Artist FVRFVN and Sarkastik Ambassador’s new track, “Good Vibes“! Produced by Silent Sounds Productions, FVRFVN and Sark are on some laid back vibes here as they spark Backwoods and stay high above the troubles. They have no time to rush through the beat, they just take time to trek across it for 4 minutes and 52 seconds. While everyone is searching for clout, instant fame, and drama, this duo would rather be in the zone, and enjoy being in a space far away from the world.

Take it slow, stay working, stay creative, and enjoy life! Check out the track below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@SarkAmbassador Stays Fresh In The Official “SDF” Music Video!

On Friday we premiered Trini Recording Artist Sarkastik Ambassador’sSDF” single with the promise that a music video was on the way. That promise was kept as today we present to you the visual! Directed by Rhyjell Ellis of Millennial Studios and shot at the famed Idlewood Bespoke in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Sark gets decked out in a nice suit and is accompanied by the lovely Ashly Suite. From there, Sark can be seen firing off his new single while both talents deliver an aura of flyness in every angle. We get that interactive fashion magazine vibe here, and in Sarkastik style the video ends with him playing Chess with a Rhyjell over a Queen sampled production thanks to Lumonest. If you love the track, remember to stream it now on Apple Music. Check out the video below, and share with a friend. Show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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