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.@TheBellaBlair Links Up With @CrtClssx On “Mistake Too”!

The “Turkle” continues her journey. Bella Blair has been working her way up the musical ladder these past few months. With new music here and there, she ensures that fans new and old all have something to enjoy from her. Teaming up with UK Producers Aaron Horn and Jamie Rodigan a.k.a. “Crate Classics“, she drops her new single titled, “Mistake Too“. Here she reflects on lost love with lyrics about overcoming heartbreak. With all the emotions she has experienced throughout and after the relationship, in the end, she considers him a mistake. It’s rough dealing with a broken heart, but it’s even worse when the person you thought was perfect for you never really cared about you. A song that many will relate to, expect this one to be a repeat player everywhere. Bella Blair continues to build her “Turkle Empire“.

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.@Yaadman_Etan Shares How @ShenYeng Broke His Heart In New Video!

At some point in our lives, we go through some form of heartbreak. Whether we lost a special someone, or missed an incredible opportunity, or took the last bite out of some of the best food you’ve ever had, we all have to handle it in our own way. Recently, Dancehall Artist Shenseea updated her Instagram page with a post that suggested she was having some “quality time” with a young lady. While Social Media did their usual expressing of outrage or support, resident Shenseea admirer/keeper of Shenseea’s comment section/Comedian/Youtuber Yaadman Etan took to video share his feelings of the situation. From finding out about her in 2016, Etan broke down his journey into loving the “Shen Yeng” to now discovering the new development. Will you share in his heartbreak, or laugh at his pain? Check out the video below and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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@LenoBanton & @iotosh Speak On Lost Love On @ProducedBykrs Crafted “Simma”!

Simma simma, who got the keys to the…wrong song, but there’s a Bimma involved in today’s new entry! REM Emperor Leno Banton has been having a great year thanks to his appearances at various events, and putting out dope music. Teaming up with the young Lion, Producer/Recording Artist iotosh (who has been making moves this year as well), they release “Simma“! Produced by krs., the Artists look back at their love interests as they reflect on having great moments, to losing that love to other men and materialistic ambitions. Listeners will relate to this as many relationships tend to end this way. From fluffing that pillow for that special person, to seeing them change into a whole different individual who lowered their standards. While Leno gave his signature groove on this, iotosh went in! Providing the Artwork is the lovely Monique Kidd a.k.a. Kidding Art! Some New Wave music fi yuh ears! Have a listen below.

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NEW MUSIC: @ItsJahmiel – Heartbreak


Dropping new music is Recording Artist, Jahmiel. Titled “HeartBreak” and produced by Quantanium Records, Jahmiel speaks on relationship troubles and shows us that sometimes we make mistakes and you can learn from them in many ways and bounce back. At the rate Jahmiel’s been going, this could be a good follow up to “Gain The World“. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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